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How Giving Birth Can Mess With Your Period – Refinery29
Eventually, your period should go back to whatever was "normal" for you pre-pregnancy, but there are a few reasons why having a baby can mess with your flow. Two NCSH spokeswomen, Dr. Rachel Cannon and Dr. Kelly Treder, discuss.

Victims of Sexual Violence Often Stay in Touch With Their Abusers. Here’s Why. – New York Times
Why would those who have been sexually assaulted by someone close to them stay in touch with their abuser? There are many reasons that people stay. Qudsia Raja, who is the policy director of the National Domestic Violence Hotline, explains a few common reasons.

Brett Kavanaugh Referred to Contraception as 'Abortion-Inducing Drugs' During Confirmation Hearing – Time
During the third day of his Supreme Court confirmation hearings, Judge Brett Kavanaugh referred to the use of contraception as “abortion-inducing drugs.”

Trans Teens Much More Likely to Attempt Suicide – Reuters
Transgender adolescents are far more likely to attempt suicide than teens whose identity matches what it says on their birth certificates, and trans male youth are especially at risk, a U.S. study suggests.

New Study Finds Only 4% of HIV-negative Gay/Bi Men are Using PrEP in the US - Out Magazine
According to a recent study, a mere 4% of gay and bisexual men reported using Truvada as PrEP. Truvada is a daily pill that reduces the likelihood of acquiring HIV by almost 100%. Currently, it is the only FDA-approved form of PrEP.

McDonald’s Workers to Stage Strike Against Workplace Sexual Harassment – Huffington Post
McDonald’s workers have voted to stage a one-day strike next week at restaurants in 10 cities in hopes of pressuring management to take stronger steps against on-the-job sexual harassment. Organizers say it will be the first multistate strike in the U.S. specifically targeting sexual harassment.

We Asked, You Answered: Here's How the #MeToo Movement Has Impacted Your Mental Health – Women’s Health
Women’s Health partnered with Men's Health to poll nearly 3,500 men and women, then asked experts to unpack some of the most surprising findings. The big takeaways: There’s power in speaking out, healing in open dialogues, and progress in getting real. Read on, friends.

Preventing Sexually Transmitted Infections May Not Be a Priority for Older Adults—But It Should Be – Rewire News
People 45 and over are experiencing some of the highest increases in rates of sexually transmitted illness of any age bracket in the United States.

How to Have a Good Hookup in College – Vice
Seeking a good hookup experience can feel like navigating an impossible quagmire, especially given toxic campus cultures, but here is what you need to know to make hookup culture work for you.

Why is Sexual Health a Woman’s Responsibility? Gender Bias Affects STI & Pregnancy Prevention, Too – Bustle
So why is it that women who sleep with men are often the ones who take the reins when it comes to managing matters of sexual health?

Why Can’t Men Be Tested For HPV? The Most Common STI Is Still Only Tested For In Women – Bustle
While both women and men can be vaccinated against it, the virus can only officially be detected in women, not men.

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