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HPV Vaccine Offers Some Protection to Men Who Aren’t Vaccinated, Study Finds – NBC News
According to new research, when young women and girls have received the HPV vaccine, unvaccinated men may also be protected from HPV-related cancers, reflecting a possible herd immunity effect.

We Know It Harms Kids to See Smoking on TV. What About Rape? – The New York Times
Just as research suggests that we should shield young viewers from seeing fictional depictions of smoking and suicide, studies indicate that watching rape scenes can also do harm.

Doctors Say Federal Rules on Discussing Abortions Inhibit Relationships with Patients – NPR
As new federal Title X rules limit a physician’s ability to give patients information about abortion services, some worry that this sets a precedent for the federal government to regulate doctors’ speech in the exam room.

Do LGBTQ Athletes Owe the Public a Revelation About Their Sexuality? Straight Athletes Don’t. – The Washington Post
An NFL football player recently wrote a 2,300-word essay announcing his bisexuality, calling attention to the notion that LGBTQ people are being dishonest if they don’t reveal their sexual orientation.

Six Men Tell Their Stories of Sexual Assault in the Military – The New York Times
With recent attention on sexual assault and harassment in the military, most stories have focused on the experiences of servicewomen. Here six men speak out to share their stories despite stigma.

Why Aren’t More Men Aware of Their Fertility Status? – Healthline
Despite both male and female factors equally contributing to infertility, a recent survey of over 1,000 men found that almost half of respondents were unaware or unconcerned with their fertility health.

Google Maps Is Still Pointing People Who Search for Abortion Clinics to Anti-Abortion Groups, A New Report Found – INSIDER
Google Maps is delivering inaccurate results for people searching for abortion clinics in certain areas, often leading them to centers that do not offer abortions and even to anti-abortion organizations.

Amid Sexual Assault Concerns, Lyft Tries to Reassure Riders with Safety Measures – CNN
With a recent lawsuit over the mishandling of sexual assault and misconduct complaints against drivers, Lyft has announced three new strategies, including a partnership with RAINN, to address this problem.

3 People Reveal Why Polyamorous Relationships Work for Them – INSIDER
Research suggests that those in polyamorous relationships are more likely to have both their sexual and companionship needs met. Three polyamorous people discuss the benefits.

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