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Everything You’ve Ever Secretly Wondered About Discharge – The EveryGirl
NCSH member, Dr. Kate White, answers common questions about vaginal discharge to get to the bottom of what is “normal” for the rarely discussed topic.

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Hormonal Birth Control Should Be Sold Over the Counter With No Age Restrictions, Doctors Say – USA Today
ACOG is now recommending that all methods of hormonal contraception, such as vaginal rings, the contraceptive patch, DMPA injections and birth control pills, be available over the counter with no prescription or age restrictions.

Trump Administration Pushes UN to Drop Mentions of Reproductive Health From Official Documents – The Hill
Members of the Trump administration called on the U.N. to oppose “ambiguous terms” pertaining to sexual and reproductive health and rights, as it could promote practices like abortion, and stated “there is no international right to an abortion.”

A Scared Parent’s Guide to Those Awkward (But Necessary) Conversations About Internet Porn – The Washington Post
Amidst worry from parents about children’s exposure to internet porn in the digital age, this guide provides helpful tips for an effective conversation about internet porn with kids.

Study Reveals Lasting Effects of Sexual Assault Among Female Veterans – NBC News
According to new research, 13 percent of female veterans over age 55 have experienced sexual assault, and 1 in 4 women in the military will experience military sexual trauma. As these women enter menopause, the long-term effects of sexual trauma can worsen.

Five Theories for the Record-Low US Abortion Rate – BBC News
After a recent report showed the abortion rate in the US is at a record low, experts consider potential causes of the decrease, including better reproductive healthcare, increased legal restrictions, at-home abortions, and lower birthrates.

Trump Family Planning Rule Faces Crucial Court Test – The Hill
Family planning clinics will be in court next week challenging the Trump administration’s controversial Title X rule that bans the provision of abortion services or referrals with federal funds.

HPV Changes The Vaginal Microbiome, A New Study Says – Bustle
New research shows that while low-risk HPV is not linked to cancer, it can alter the vaginal microbiome, leading to lower or higher levels of certain bacteria, which can potentially negatively affect health. 

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