Sexual Health in the News October 9 - October 15

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Sex Ed That Excludes LGBTQ+ People Is Tied to Worse Health Outcomes – Forbes
Inclusive sex education, advocates say, will reduce the risk of violence and health issues for LGBTQ+ young people, and will also help their straight, cisgender peers accept them. This article features NCSH members SIECUS and GLSEN.

How Americans Really Feel About Abortion Rights in the Year 2020 – Well + Good
With the debate on abortion continuously covered in the media, this article examines several sets of polling data to paint a more accurate picture of where America truly stands on abortion rights in 2020. This article features Rachel Fey from Power to Decide, a NCSH member.

4 Popular Genital Herpes Myths Every Smart Woman Needs to Stop Believing – Yahoo!
A survey reveals over 85 percent of people with genital herpes find it difficult to discuss. As a result, a number of untruths have been spread. This article features NCSH member Jenelle Marie Pierce of The STI Project.

Other News This Week

How to Safely Have a One-Night Stand Mid-Pandemic – Bustle
While it’s currently safest to avoid sex with those you don’t know, some of us are still hoping for a pandemic hookup. Here are five ways to make your quarantine coitus a little safer.

Menopause Will Change Your Sex Life. For Many Women, It’s for the Better – Glamour
Menopause has always been painted as the end of your sexual era. But the reality is it can be a profoundly liberating period of sexual self-determination.

4 Long-Acting Birth Control Options to Consider If the Supreme Court Limits Contraception and Abortion Access – INSIDER
There are concerns that Roe v. Wade could be overturned, and that contraceptive access could be restricted, depending on who replaces Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg.  Here are some options for contraceptive users.

Coming Out Is Challenging. Maybe One Day, People Won’t Have To – Refinery29
According to advocates, the idea of coming out is problematic because it assumes that people are cisgender or straight until proven otherwise. It also creates an enormous burden for young, marginalized people who are grappling with their identities.

What the Supreme Court Ruling Could Mean for Access to Birth Control, Prenatal Care, and More – PopSugar
On November 10, the Supreme Court will hear the latest challenges to the Affordable Care Act (ACA), and the entire law could be at stake, which could affect access to many preventive services and more.

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