Sexual Health in the News October 7 - October 13

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The Future of Sex Education – Ms. Magazine 
Sex education has been slow to evolve, despite experts calling for improvements to in-school sex-ed curriculum. Learn about strategies for delivering more effective sex-ed, both inside and outside of the classroom. Kelley Dennings, a NCSH member, is featured.  

Other News This Week

CVS Will Lower Price of Menstrual Products in Many States With 'Tampon Tax'U.S. News and World Report  
To reduce the burdensome cost of menstrual products, CVS health will reduce the prices of its brand of menstrual products by 25% in 12 states that continue to tax them.  

What Happened to Monkeypox?The New York Times 
A few months ago, Monkeypox regularly was in the news. Now, there is a significant decrease in cases, mainly due to vaccinations and reduced participation in risky sexual behaviors.  

Spread Of Catholic Hospitals Limits Reproductive Care Across The U.S.The Washington Post  
With Catholic health care systems controlling 1 in 7 U.S. hospital beds, reproductive health advocates and health care providers worry about decreased access to essential services, like abortion, emergency obstetric care, contraception, and vasectomies.  

Hawaii’s Democratic Governor Issues Order Bolstering Abortion Protections In State - CNN  
Hawaii’s Governor strengthened abortion protections by issuing an executive order prohibiting Hawaii officials from cooperating with other states attempting to prosecute people who received an abortion legally in Hawaii.  

Tarana Burke: What 'Me Too' Made Possible - TIME
On the anniversary of the viral #metoo movement, founder Tarana Burke reflects on the positive impact the movement has had on survivors of sexual and domestic violence.  

Cases of Hepatitis A are Increasing: Here’s Who is at Risk - Healthline
This article highlights the different populations at higher risk of outbreaks and describes actions, such as getting vaccinated that can reduce hepatitis A cases.   

An LGBTQ Guide To Coming Out Safely And Happily - CNN 
Coming out as LGBTQAI+ can be intimidating and a life-long journey. The Human Rights Campaign  and The Trevor Project provide helpful tips on how to safely and happily come out at home, at work, and socially. 

What Are Boundaries? These 6 Types Can Strengthen Your RelationshipMen’s Health
Setting boundaries in any relationship, whether it’s platonic or romantic, is important for your mental health and safety. A therapist explains how you can set and keep boundaries in your relationship.  

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