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Divergent Colorado and Louisiana Abortion Votes Set the Tone for a Possible Post-Roe America – TIME
In Louisiana, voters approved a measure to amend the state’s constitution so that it does not guarantee the right to abortion or to funding for them. In Colorado, voters rejected an initiative that would have banned abortions at 22 weeks of pregnancy.

LGBT Advocacy Groups Sue Over Trump Diversity Training Order – Politico
The lawsuit argues that the order violates freedom of speech protections and is overly vague.

How An Abortion Fight in Supreme Court Could Threaten Birth Control, Too – NPR
Abortion rights advocates worry the court could go beyond overturning Roe and Casey, and recognize "fetal personhood" — the idea that a fetus has full constitutional rights at fertilization, which could affect access to abortion and birth control.

Sarah McBride to Become First Transgender State Senator in U.S. History – NBC News
McBride, a prominent LGBTQ advocate, easily won her race for a seat in the Delaware state Senate.

Use of ‘At-Home Abortion Pills’ Rises Amid Pandemic—And Faces New Threats – The Guardian
Medication abortions are a safe and accessible method of terminating pregnancy, but they have been targeted by onerous FDA restrictions.

Exposure to Workplace Sexual Harassment Linked to Suicidal Behavior – Forbes
According to a new study, exposure to workplace sexual harassment was found to be associated with a 2.82 times greater risk of suicide and 1.59 times greater risk of attempted suicide.

Coast Guard Sees Rise in Sexual Assault Reports – The Hill
While the rise is not explained, Coast Guard leaders have suggested it could indicate more people are willing to come forward due to greater confidence in the reporting system and victim support.

Having Sex on the First Date Doesn’t Ruin Your Relationship Chances – Bustle
The puritanical idea that having sex with someone too soon can ruin your odds of a relationship has gone out the window for many. In fact, one study showed that 48% of millennials have sex before even going on a "real" date. 

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