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Democratic Lawmakers Call for Insurance Plans to Fully Cover Over-the-Counter Birth Control Pill - CNN 
The FDA approved the first over-the-counter birth control pill. Nowdozens of lawmakers are urging the Biden administration to ensure that private health insurance companies fully cover their cost.  

Tennessee Youths and Doctor Ask the Supreme Court to Take Up Transgender Care Ban - NBC News 
In Tennessee, transgender youth and their families are urging the Supreme Court to block the state’s ban on transition-related health care for minors, which has created uncertainty for transgender youth.  

Nevada's Syphilis Rate Skyrockets 44% After Debt Ceiling Deal Suddenly Slashes STD Prevention Budget - Fortune Well  
State and local health departments have lost funding to help combat syphilis resulting in reduced workforces that help respond to cases.  

As Transgender Health Care Draws Patients to New Mexico, Waitlists Grow - CBS News  
Transgender individuals are moving to New Mexico for its legal protections and gender-affirming care, causing a strain in the state’s healthcare system.  

A Year After Elon Musk Bought Twitter, LGBTQ People Say it Has Become Toxic - NBC News 
LGBTQ users are expressing concerns about Twitter’s changing environment including worries about online harassment and safety.  

Do You Really Need a Feminine Wash - Yes or No- Good Housekeeping 
Although there are many feminine hygiene products marketed to be used in the vagina, they are not needed.  

How to be Sexually Responsive, Not Sexually Compliant - Psychology Today  
Sexual responsiveness in a relationship involves showing interest and understanding and validating their needs while not ignoring your own needs and desires.  

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