Sexual Health in the News October 23 - October 29

NCSH in the News

People Are Still Having Sex. So Why Are STD Rates Dropping? – The New York Times
Health officials believe many STDs are going undetected as clinics close during COVID19, and testing supplies are diverted to coronavirus screening. NCSH arranged the interview with Dr. Justin Lehmiller of The Kinsey Institute, a coalition member. This story also features Dr. Gail Bolan from CDC and David Harvey from NCSD, an NCSH member.

The Difference Between Feeling Safe and Being Safe – The Atlantic
Safety is among the most powerful motivators of human behavior, which also makes the drive to feel safe a potent accelerant for confusion, disinformation, and panic. NCSH arranged the interview with NCSH member, Dr. Logan Levkoff.

How You Get HPV? The Major Symptoms, Risk Factors, and How to Prevent It – INSIDER
Though most people with HPV won't show any symptoms and don’t know they have the virus, it's important to understand how HPV is passed and the risks of contracting this virus since it could develop into a more serious, life-threatening issue. NCSH arranged the interview with Dr. Ana Cepin.

Losing It: Does Virginity Even Matter Anymore? – Refinery29
No matter how sex-positive it seems like our society has become over the last few decades, for some, the concept of virginity still holds a lot of power, and has strong religious, historical, societal, and personal connotations. This story features NCSH members Brittany McBride of Advocates for Youth and Becca Mui of GLSEN.

Other News This Week

How Trump Success in Ending Obamacare Would Kill Fauci Plan to Conquer HIV – The Guardian
A key component of the federal HHS plan to end the HIV epidemic is to improve access to antiretrovirals. Given the drugs’ enormous cost, the Affordable Care Act and its broadening of insurance access serves as the backbone to this HIV plan.

Doctors Worry Coronavirus Pandemic May Hit LGBTQ People Harder Than Most – CNBC
Experts worry COVID-19 may disproportionately affect the LGBTQ community, but say they are unsure how severe the impact will be given limited data. States often report on variables such as race, age, and sex, but often don’t include sexual orientation and gender identity.

If Orgasms Are Good for You, Is Not Having Orgasms Bad for You? – Well + Good
Experts say that opting out of sex play doesn’t curb the quality of anyone’s health. There are, however, a few effects that can take hold on a psychological and physiological level.

A World Without Legal Abortion: How Activists Envision a ‘Post-Roe’ Nation – NPR
Judge Amy Coney Barrett's Supreme Court confirmation could open the door to a world that many anti-abortion rights activists have been envisioning for decades.

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