Sexual Health in the News October 22 - October 28

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Take Action Pill: How This Plan B Alternative Prevents Pregnancy - Insider 
There are various brand names of morning-after pills, one of them being the Take Action pill, which is available over the counter. This article explains how it works, when to take it, and the difference between other brand names. NCSH arranged the interview with Dr. Katherine White. 

Spermicide Is a Hormone-Free Birth Control Option — Here's How It Works - Insider 
Spermicide is a less popular (and less effective) form of birth control, but it is an over-the-counter contraception option that may work in certain circumstances. Dr. Raegan McDonald-Mosley of Power to Decide, a NCSH member, explains what spermicide is, how it works, and the pros and cons of this method. 

Let’s Reframe The ‘Am I Having Enough Sex?’ Question – Scary Mommy   
Many people fear that they are not having enough sex, but forget about the more important question: Am I satisfied with my sex life? Experts explore how individuals can shift their perception of their sex life. NCSH member, AASECT, is featured.  

Other News This Week

The State Department has issued its first passport with an “X” gender marker for Americans who do not identify as male or female, in a step to be more inclusive of all LGBTQAI+ individuals.   

Texas Governor Signs Bill That Bans Transgender Girls from Female Sports Teams in Schools CBS News
Texas' Governor has officially signed a bill into law that will require public school students to compete in interscholastic athletic competitions based on the team that corresponds to the sex on their birth certificate. The bill will go into effect in January 2022.   

'Rainbow Wave': A Record Number of LGBTQ Candidates Are Running for Office In 2021 – USA TODAY 
In a recent report from the LGBTQ Victory Fund, researchers found a 7% increase in LGBTQ candidates from the last odd-numbered election year of 2019. The report also found an increase in LGBTQ candidates who are women of color.  

Sex And Sexual Health Tips for Transgender Women After Gender-Affirming Surgery – Medical News Today 
For transgender women who choose to have gender-affirming surgery, there are often questions about sex and sexual health post-surgery. This article highlights the different types of gender-affirming surgery, the recovery process, and answers commonly asked questions, such as when people can have sex post-surgery and tips for hygiene, contraception, and protection from infections. 

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