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Abortion at the Supreme Court: A Road Map to the Cases Pending Over Texas’ Six-Week Ban – Yahoo! News
The Biden administration's effort to get the Supreme Court to block a Texas ban on abortions after six weeks of pregnancy is just one row in a Rubik's Cube of lawsuits that may signal where the Supreme Court is heading on abortion and whether it will continue to uphold the landmark Roe v. Wade decision.

Why Hispanic Women Are Still Dying from a Curable CancerWomen’s Health
More Hispanic women are diagnosed with severe cases of cervical cancer compared to any other ethnicity. Here’s what needs to happen to change that.

Lesbian Sues Federal Government After Being Rejected by Foster Agency – NBC News
A Tennessee woman applied to foster refugee children but was rejected because of her sexual orientation.

How TV Lied About Abortion – Vox
For decades, dramatized plot lines about unwanted and unexpected pregnancies helped create our real-world abortion discourse.

Beyond Delivery: How a Birth Plan Can Prepare You for All Four Trimesters – NPR
For expectant parents, navigating pregnancy, delivery and postpartum can raise a range of emotions. There are many things to think about and prepare for, and knowing where to start can feel daunting. That's why experts suggest creating a birth plan.

Feeling Too Schlubby to Have Sex? It’s Not Just You. – The Wall Street Journal
Many of us aren’t feeling great about our bodies right now, and it’s putting a damper on our love lives. Sex therapists’ advice: Just start touching.

Viva La Vulva: Why We Need to Talk About Women’s Genitalia – The Guardian
Ignorance about the basic biology of vulvas is still shockingly high – yet there are huge health benefits to be won with better understanding.

The US Has Reached a Critical Moment for Birth Control Access – The Hill
At a time when dangerous and unconstitutional abortion restrictions are being enacted at an alarming and devastating clip across the country, the Biden administration’s recent action to restore the integrity of the Title X program represents a pivotal step toward ensuring access to essential health care for millions of people.

What ‘Sex Education’ Gets Right and Wrong About Sex and Relationship Advice, According to Therapists – INSIDER
Netflix’s hit show “Sex Education” covers taboo topics like masturbation, STDs, and sexual trauma. Protagonists Otis and Maeve give out advice from Otis’ sex therapist mom, Jean, to fellow students. Insider fact-checked some of the top tips Otis, Maeve, and Jean gave students.

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