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5 Post-Roe Facts About Our Kinkiest Generation Yet: Gen Z - Hyperbae 
Here’s how Gen Z is viewing sex differently and what they are doing about it! This story features Dr. Justin Lehmiller of The Kinsey Institute, a NCSH member.  

Other News This Week

Covert network provides pills for thousands of abortions in U.S. post RoeWashington Post  
Amid legal and medical risks, a growing army of activists is funneling pills from Mexico into states that have banned abortion.

Half the World Has a Clitoris. Why Don’t Doctors Study It? - New York Times 
The organ is “completely ignored by pretty much everyone,” medical experts say, and that omission can be devastating to women’s sexual health. 

Four Questions to Ask Your Doctor Before Pelvic Surgery - New York Times  
To protect your sexual function, it’s vital to discuss your sex life with your doctor before surgery, even if that feels awkward. 

In Ejaculate Responsibly, Gabrielle Blair Makes Abortion a Men’s IssueVogue 
Gabrielle Blair’s new book, “Ejaculate Responsibly: A Whole New Way to Think About Abortion”, demands a refocus of the issue of abortion and pregnancy prevention. 

Anti-Abortion ‘Crisis Pregnancy Centers’ Face New Accountability Post-RoeMs. Magazine 
Flooding the internet with misleading ads and abortion disinformation, thousands of fake clinics aim to confuse people seeking reproductive healthcare. 

Most People Assume That Others Are Having More Sex Than ThemWell + Good 
In the age of social media, it’s quite easy to think that people are having a lot of sex. However, a recent study found out otherwise. 

This Is What The Future Of “The Pill” Looks LikeRefinery29 
Birth control methods have been around since the stone ages — and yet, in spite of our apparent efforts, women were still rinsing their vaginas with tile cleaner well into the 20th century. 

What Is A Gender Therapist? - Forbes 
This article explains exactly what gender therapy is, who can benefit from it and how to find a qualified gender therapist. 

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