Sexual Health in the News October 13 - October 19

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More Than a Third of Eligible Beneficiaries on PrEP for HIV, But Disparities Persist - The Hill
In 2022, 36% of those who could benefit from PrEP received prescriptions, a 12% increase since 2019, but disparities and funding challenges persist. Dr. Jonathan Mermin of CDC is featured.  

Other News This Week

As Mexico Expands Abortion Access, Activists Support Reproductive Rights at US Border - ABC News
After Mexico’s Supreme Court ruling against abortion bans,  volunteers are providing migrants seeking to terminate a pregnancy reproductive health information and guidance at the US border.  

The Secrets of Sex Over 40: 8 Questions Answered - AARP 
A new AARP survey reveals the perceptions and behaviors related to sexual experiences among people aged 40 and older. Most see sex as vital in relationships, yet sexual frequency has changed with age.  

A College LGBTQ Center Disappeared. It Wasn't the Only One - USA Today
LGBTQ resource centers at colleges are closing after laws are passed banning diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) offices, leaving students vulnerable. 

Why Sexual Pleasure Should be a Guilt-Free Part of Your Life - Mint Lounge
Conversations around sexual wellness have become more open and destigmatized, with startups and influencers helping to normalize these discussions and fostering better communication among partners. 

To the Many Health Hazards of Shift Work, Add Sex Problems - Psychology Today
Shift work, impacting millions of Americans, has been liked to health problems including sex issues like ED and sexual function loss. Here’s ways to help preserve sexual function and pleasure.  

"Coming Out" Isn't an Option for Every LGBTQ Person. Some of Us "Invite In." - Truthout 
National Coming Out Day aimed to encourage disclosure of queer identity as a means to normalize and combat homophobia. Over the years, this has evolved to recognize that it’s not a universal experience.  

Sex Appears to Protect Brain Health in Older Adults, Scientists Say - Science Alert 
A new study indicates that sexual activity in older adults is associated with better cognitive function later in life, emphasizing the potential benefits of sex on brain health.  

Erectile Dysfunction Isn't Just a Blood Flow Issue. Here's What to Know About ED- And the Best Ways to Treat It - Yahoo 
A new medical review emphasizes the role of psychological factors in treating ED. Here’s what causes ED, the psychological effects of the condition and how it’s typically treated.  

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