Sexual Health in the News October 1 - October 7

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What Is an IUD? The Long-Lasting Birth Control That Is Over 99% Effective – INSIDER
A long-acting reversible contraception (LARC), an IUD is one of the most effective birth control options. Here's a look at the different types, how they work, and what to expect with this method. NCSH arranged the interview with NCSH member, Dr. Kate White. 

Regular STI Screening Could Save Your Life – Giddy
While most STIs are treatable with antibiotics, this doesn't mean you shouldn't be concerned about being infected. And the earlier an STI is found, the more likely you are to avoid permanent damage. NCSH arranged the interview with Jenelle Pierce of the STI Project, an NCSH member.

You Can Have a Great Sex Life with Genital Herpes – VICE
Your ultimate guide to safer, healthy, hot sex after an HSV-2 diagnosis, which is usually less life-altering than it may seem. This story features NCSH member, Jenelle Pierce, of The STI Project. 

Other News This Week

Federal Judge Blocks Texas Restrictive Abortion Law, Says Women Faced ‘Irreparable Harm’ – USA Today
A federal judge temporarily blocked enforcement of a Texas abortion law that effectively bans the procedure, delivering an early victory to the Biden administration in its challenge to the law.

Biden Lifts Abortion Referral Ban on Family Planning Clinics – NPR
The Biden administration reversed a ban on abortion referrals by family planning clinics, lifting a Trump-era restriction as political and legal battles over abortion grow sharper from Texas to the U.S. Supreme Court.

How Doctors’ Assumptions About LGBTQ Patients Can Be Harmful to Their Health – USA Today
The LGBTQ community has been speaking out about uncomfortable medical encounters stemming from assumptions about sexual orientation and gender identity to gendered language in hospitals.

After Rape Accusations, Fraternities Face Protests and Growing Anger – The New York Times
At big universities with powerful fraternity cultures—like UMass, Northwestern, Nebraska and Iowa—many students are demanding an end to Greek life.

For Disabled People, Sex Toys Aren’t Just for Pleasure – Mic
Assistive tech is considered respectable and necessary. Sex toys should be seen the exact same way.

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