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5 Reasons Why You Might Want to Use Birth Control Even if You've Never Had Sex - Her Campus
Fifty-eight percent of birth control pill users use the pill for at least one purpose other than pregnancy prevention. This article addresses a few of the non-contraceptive reasons why you might use birth control. Dr. Ana Cepin, an NCSH spokeswoman, is quoted. 

STDs Hit All-Time High for Third Year in USA - New York Post
Sexually transmitted diseases have hit an all-time high in America - with Alaska ranking the most infected nationally, according to data from the CDC. By contrast, Vermont was the most STD-free state.  

Untreatable Gonorrhea Is Rapidly Spreading. Here's What You Need to Know - Time
Drug-resistant gonorrhea is rapidly spreading worldwide, but a team of researchers may have a strategy to combat it - increased reliance on an older drug for treatment may stop this STD from becoming more resistant to antibiotics.

Notre Dame Takes Advantage of Trump Rule, Drops Birth Control Coverage - MSNBC
Notre Dame notified employees and students that starting next year - on Jan. 1, 2018, and Aug. 15, 2018, respectively - birth control will no longer be covered under the university's insurance plans.   

Kevin Spacey Criticized for Using Coming Out as 'Deflection' in Apology to Anthony Rapp - Rolling Stone
Kevin Spacey's apology to Rent actor Anthony Rapp for unwanted sexual advances more than 30 years ago has inspired plenty of backlash from the Hollywood community and beyond.    

Miss Peru Pageant Contestants Share Violence Against Women Statistics Instead of Body Measurements - ABC Online
When it came time for contestants at this year's Miss Peru pageant to give their waist, hip and bust sizes, more than 20 women instead recited facts about trafficking, femicide and harassment.

A Woman Sued Sephora for Getting Herpes From Lipstick. But Is That Possible? - Daily Beast
A woman sued a Sephora store for contracting herpes on her lip after swiping on lipstick from a "common use" tub. A clinician weighs in on the likelihood of this occurring.  

Michigan Sees Hepatitis A Outbreak in Gay Men - US News & World Report
State health officials investigating a hepatitis A outbreak in southeast Michigan are reporting a concerning increase in cases among men who are sexually active with men.

How to Buy Condoms That Don't Feel Like Condoms - GQ
At their best, condoms can actually make sex better. There are plenty of condoms that feel better than a bodega three-pack, and plenty of resources to help you with an upgrade. Here are some tips. 

Is It Actually Safe to Have Sex While You're Pregnant? - BuzzFeed News
If you're pregnant, you might be wondering whether sex is a good idea - or whether it's safe for the baby (or babies) growing inside you. BuzzFeed spoke to two experts to find out. 

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