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Dating While You Have an STD – CNN
Dating someone new is not just about checking out the new restaurant on the block or taking a hot yoga class together. And in the age of safer sex, it also means sharing information about your sexual health. Jenelle Marie Pierce of the STD Project, an NCSH member, is quoted.

The Trump Administration Has Been Steadily Sabotaging Sex Ed. Here's How. – Mashable
Donald Trump has appointed abstinence-only-until-marriage partisans to administration positions where they could influence the federal government's priorities for sex ed, and the effects are already being felt. NCSH member, SIECUS, is quoted.

On #MeToo, Americans More Divided By Party Than Gender – NPR
One year after the #MeToo movement took off, new NPR-Ipsos polls show the nation deeply divided on sexual assault and harassment, with fissures running more along party lines than gender.

Trump Administration to Revise Birth Control Exemptions in Hopes of Saving Them – New York Times
Having lost in two federal courts and fearing more setbacks, the Trump administration is revising rules that allow employers to deny women insurance coverage for contraceptives based on religious or moral objections.

Massachusetts Law on Transgender Protections Draws Strong Support Ahead of Vote – Washington Post
A rally in Boston shows support for a Massachusetts law protecting transgender people from discrimination in public places, including restaurants, stores, hospitals, libraries and gyms.

Transgender People Often Have to Choose Between Their Fertility and Their Transition – Huffington Post
Experts recommend that trans people preserve their fertility first if they know they want to be parents. But there are serious barriers in the way.

Trump's State Department Eyes Ban on Terms Like 'Sexual Health' – Politico
Under a new proposal being discussed, U.S. diplomats may soon be prohibited from using the phrases “sexual and reproductive health” and “comprehensive sexuality education.”

Hims Launches Hers, a Direct-To-Consumer Site Selling Birth Control and Other Drugs – Forbes
Men's e-commerce and telehealth company Hims is launching a new vertical for women that will sell prescription skin creams, birth control pills, and Addyi, a controversial libido-boosting medicine.

The Real Reasons Parents Refuse HPV Vaccination – HealthDay
According to a new study, safety concerns are a main reason American parents hesitate to have their children vaccinated against the sexually transmitted human papillomavirus (HPV).

Google Employees Are Staging Walk-Outs Over Sexual Harassment Across the Globe. See the Photos – Fortune
Thousands of Google employees are walking out of their offices today in protest at the company’s treatment of sexual harassment allegations.

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