Sexual Health in the News Oct 25 - Oct 31

NCSH in the News

Katie Hill’s Resignation Is About Much More Than an Alleged Affair and Explicit Photos – USA Today
Experts say Congresswoman Katie Hill should be thoroughly investigated for possible inappropriate sexual behavior; however, they note she might face more severe consequences since she is a woman who identifies as bisexual. NCSH member, Laura Palumbo, of the National Sexual Violence Resource Center, is quoted.

What Happens When We Make HPV (or Any STI) the Punchline of a Joke – HuffPost
Despite how common STIs are, they’re still used as a punchline, leading to stigmatization, shame, and fear—all things that can be a barrier to testing and management. This story features NCSH member, Emily Depasse. 

Other News This Week

Almost 30 Percent of Bisexual Women, Trans People Live in Poverty, Report Finds – NBC News
According to a recent analysis, gay men and lesbians report poverty levels similar to those of heterosexuals, while bisexual women and transgender people (of all sexual orientations) have a much higher rate.

Teen Girls on Birth Control Pills Report Crying More, Sleeping Too Much and Eating Issues, Study Says – CNN
Researchers found that 16-year-old girls on birth control pills reported more depressive symptoms than girls who weren’t on the pill, although the symptoms diminish once they enter adulthood.

Study Found Many Young Women May Not Get Tested for STDs Because of Shame – Teen Vogue
According to a recent survey, sexually active young women are not talking to their doctors about sex and STD risk, or getting tested. And 43% of women ages 15 to 17 said they are not always truthful about their sexual history.

US Effort to Remove ‘Sexual Health’ from UN Agreement May Violate Law, Say Senators – The Guardian
Four US Senators are saying the Trump administration may have violated federal law by lobbying more than 70 countries to remove protections for “sexual and reproductive health” from a UN agreement.

I’m Intersex and I Was Told I Could Never Have Sex Unless I Got Surgery – Teen Vogue
While intersex conditions are now recognized as being common, infants are often still operated on at birth to create “typical” looking genitals. One intersex individual shares her experience undergoing invasive surgery without fully understanding her options.

Instagram Rejects a PrEP Awareness Campaign; Claims It Contains ‘Politics’ – Vice
A campaign aiming to promote awareness of PrEP among queer Asian and Pacific Islander communities in New York was rejected on the grounds that the organization running it “hadn’t been authorized to run ads about social issues, elections or politics.”

Baby Boomers Are Contracting STDs At an Alarming Rate – Considerable
STDs are rising among Americans age 55 and older; from 2014 to 2018, gonorrhea was up 164%, chlamydia up 86%, and syphilis up 120%. Experts say many mature adults are re-entering the dating scene, but not practicing safer sex. 

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