Sexual Health in the News Oct 18 - Oct 24

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STDs Are Sexist, and Women Are the Losers. Here’s Why – CNN
In heterosexual pairings, STDs are more readily transmitted from man to woman than from woman to man, and these infections can be more damaging to a woman’s health. NCSH member Dr. Ned Hook is quoted, along with CDC’s Dr. Elizabeth Torrone.

Other News This Week

People Are Going Online for Abortion Pills, Especially in States with More Restrictions – NBC News
According to a new study, women living in states with more restrictive policies on abortion are turning to online sources for medications that can be used to induce the procedure.

Majority of $33M Awarded to Fill Title X Gaps Went to Areas Largely Unaffected by Abortion Gag Rule: Analysis – Newsweek
An analysis reveals the Trump administration's plan to fill service gaps at women's clinics – resulting from new federal restrictions on the Title X Family Planning Program – doesn’t reach the areas that were most affected by those changes.

Male Infertility: What to Know and How to Cope – The New York Times
Infertility is largely thought of as a woman’s issue, but male infertility can affect at least one-third of couples who are struggling to conceive.

‘I Don’t Have to Hide’: LGBTQ Seniors Find Comfort in Affirming Housing Facilities – NBC News
LGBTQ seniors are finding shelter from discrimination, economic hardship, and health disparities in affordable LGBTQ-friendly housing communities popping up in large cities across the US.

Why Painful Sex Can Plague Women at Any Age – The Washington Post
Painful intercourse for women is more common than you think, with about 1 in 5 women reporting vulvar pain or discomfort during sex. This story explores the symptoms and causes of this condition.  

Always Will Remove Venus Logo from Period Pad Wrapping to Be More Inclusive – USA Today
A popular brand is removing the Venus symbol, commonly used to designate “female,” from packaging around its sanitary pads in an effort to be more inclusive of transgender and nonbinary users.

There’s a Blood Shortage in Hospitals Around the World—So Why Are Gay Men Still Barred from Donating Blood? – Well + Good
The FDA stipulates that “a man who has had sex with another man during the past 12 months” is not eligible to donate blood—a rule that doctors say is outdated and detrimental to the nation’s current blood supply levels.

What to Do When Trauma or Shame Interferes with Sex in Your Relationship – Vice
Experts discuss the common effects of past sexual trauma and religious or cultural shame about sex on sex in relationships, and how to cope and work through it.

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