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You Can Have an STD and Show Zero Symptoms — Here's How to Find Out if You're Infected – Insider
You might have an STD for a long time — potentially spreading it to sexual partners and leaving yourself at risk for health complications — but have no idea you're infected. NCSH member, Dr. Charlotte Gaydos, is quoted.

How To Know If Your "Mom Burnout" Is Normal Exhaustion Or Something More Serious – Romper
Run-down often becomes the norm as a mom, but, it’s important for us to be able to recognize when our normal mom exhaustion is actually something more serious. NCSH spokeswomen, Dr. Kelly Treder and Dr. Rachel Cannon discuss.

Family Doctors Are ‘Not Doing Enough’ To Curb STDs – US News & World Report
Although many family physicians are traditionally reluctant to discuss sexual health with their patients, the CDC is urging them to do more of it. NCSH members, David Harvey of NCSD and Dr. Ned Hook, are both quoted.

New Self-Lubricating Condoms Could Boost Their Use, Prevent STDs – CNN
A team of scientists from Boston University has created a condom that is self-lubricating, becoming slippery when it comes into contact with moisture -- for example, bodily fluids.

HPV Vaccine Doesn't Encourage Teen Girls to Have Risky Sex – Newsweek
A new Canadian study found that receiving a vaccine that protects against a cancer-causing virus spread through sexual contact does not result in teenage girls engaging in risky sexual behavior.

PrEP Can 'Significantly' Reduce HIV Rates Across Populations, Study Says – CNN
HIV pre-exposure prophylaxis or PrEP can significantly reduce new infections across an entire population of men.

Sex Ed Is Missing Something Key for Kids Who've Endured Sexual Trauma – Mashable
Sex ed lessons, along with the conversations parents have at the kitchen table, don't acknowledge the reality that a significant number of children have been sexually abused or assaulted.

Penis Size Not Connected to Male Fertility, Experts Say – Healthline
A recent study suggested that penis size might be a cause of infertility. However, experts say the research has a number of flaws.

Laughing At Yourself Could Lead to a Better Sex Life, According to a New Study – Bustle
Shared LOLs might translate beyond witty text banter into the bedroom as a new study suggests people who can laugh at themselves have better sex.

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