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NCSH in the News

How to Support Birth Control Access on Social Media & Beyond – Bustle
Simple Health and Power to Decide, a NCSH member, are partnering to increase access to birth control. This campaign will donate one month of birth control to an uninsured person for every Instagram story or Twitter post using the hashtag #KissMyAccess by October 31.

Other News This Week

Federal Judge Overturns ObamaCare Transgender Protections – The Hill
A federal judge overturned ObamaCare protections for transgender patients, ruling that a 2016 policy violates the religious freedom of Christian providers.

What’s Next for #MeToo? This College Might Have the Answer. – Vox
One college is offering an effective alternative to criminal or Title IX investigations for incidences of sexual violence and harassment. The restorative justice approach focuses on healing rather than on punishment.

I Think My Child May Be LGBTQ: 6 Things You Can Do Before They Come Out – TODAY
Experts share things you can do to support your child and make them feel comfortable coming out, if you think they may be LGBTQ.

Rise in STI Rates 2019 Is Related to Budget Cuts—Here’s What to Know – Bustle
From 2003 to 2018, the purchasing power of the CDC’s annual budget decreased by 40%. Experts say this has contributed to the recent rise in STIs as state and local programs lose out on important funding.

The Part of Anal Sex That Everyone’s Afraid to Talk About – HuffPost
According to surveys, 35% of women and 15% of men are engaging in anal sex at least some of the time, yet it’s rarely talked about. Experts give practical advice on how to have safe, consensual anal sex.

Consent Still Isn’t Taught in Schools. Here’s How Sex Educators Want to Fix That – Bustle
According to a recent survey, the majority of girls between ages 14 - 22 rate their school sex ed program as not effective or very ineffective. Experts discuss how consent plays a role and could be better incorporated into comprehensive sex education.

A Nonhormonal Birth Control—for Both Men and Women—Is on the Horizon – Marie Claire
Researchers hope to have nonhormonal birth control ready for use by both men and women within the next 15 years. Currently, demand for men’s birth control is high, particularly by 82% of men whose partner who had an unplanned pregnancy. 

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