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Protecting Women Against HIV Just Got 9 Times Easier – NPR
In a new study of over 3,000 women comparing the effectiveness of daily PrEP against a new long-acting injectable, the injections given every 2 months were found to be 9 times more effective than Truvada.

Biden Wants to Scrap Betsy DeVos’ Rules on Sexual Assault in Schools. It Won’t Be Easy. – NBC News
The Trump administration’s Title IX regulations prioritize students accused of sexual misconduct instead of their accusers, victims’ advocates say.

Underinsured Transgender People Are Turning to Riskier Sources for Hormones – Forbes
According to a new study, almost 10% of transgender people are getting their hormones for gender-affirming hormone therapy from unregulated sources.

Good Sexual Hygiene: How to Clean Sex Toys, Genitals, and Avoid Infections Like UTIs and STIs – INSIDER
To avoid STIs and remain as healthy as possible, certain sexual hygiene practices should be kept in mind. From urinating after sex to cleaning sex toys, here's what you should know about good sexual hygiene.

Dentists and Doctors Advise Against Brushing Your Teeth Before Oral Sex—Here’s Why – Well + Good
According to a dentist and medical doctors, brushing your teeth before and after giving oral sex on both a penis or vagina can have health implications. Here’s what to know.

It’s Normal to Feel Tired Around Your Period—Here Are 5 Ways to Feel More Energized During Your Period – INSIDER
Period fatigue affects up to 90% of women, according to one study. Learn more about what causes period fatigue and what you can do to boost energy levels during your period.

Can You Pass A Middle School Sex Ed Test? – BuzzFeed
From what happens during menstruation to what is the most common STI in the United States, this quiz tests your knowledge on the basics learned in middle school sex ed.

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