Sexual Health in the News November 4 - November 10

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In The Culture Wars Against Sex-Ed, Disabled LGBTQ2S+ Youth Are Getting Left BehindXtra
An increase in anti-LGTBQ state laws pose unique challenges for disabled LGBTQ2S+ adolescents. Katherine McLaughlin of Elevatus Training, Dr. Rachel Gibson of Advocates for Youth, and SIECUS, all NCSH members, are featured.

Democratic Governor Signs Law Punishing HIV Transmission With Up To 10 Years In PrisonLGBTQ Nation
A new law in Pennsylvania makes it a felony to transmit HIV or other STDs, causing concern among public health advocates. Advocates for Youth, a NCSH member, is featured.

The Why: STIsNewsy
Dr. Ina Park of the California Prevention Training Center, a NCSH member, explains the importance of testing and treatment for congenital syphilis in pregnant people.

Abortion Rights Advocates Score Major Midterm Victories Across U.S.The Washington Post
In 5 states, voters delivered a series of victories for abortion rights in the midterm elections. Planned Parenthood, a NCSH member, shares how these victories will impact abortion care in multiple states. 

Other News This Week

Post-‘Roe,’ Contraceptive Failures Carry Bigger StakesKaiser Health News 
A significant number of unintended pregnancies occur every year due to failures and typical use of birth control methods. For example, 460,000 unplanned pregnancies could occur annually among women who use the pill.

Female College Athletes Say Pressure to Cut Body Fat Is ToxicThe New York Times
College athletes share how the pressure to lose weight impacted not only their physical health but also negatively impacted their mental wellbeing.

An Explosion Of Culture War Laws Is Changing Schools. Here’s How.The Washington Post
Over the past three years, 25 states have proposed over 60 laws targeting LGBTQ education and critical race theory in schools.

Forcing Thousands of Teens to Parent in a Post-Roe NationMs. Magazine  
Experts estimate that at least 7,000 U.S. teenagers will be forced into parenthood due to abortion restrictions and limitations after the overturning of Roe v. Wade. 

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