Sexual Health in the News November 27 - December 3

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The Fight for Reproductive Health Care Is a Fight for Human Rights – Ms. Magazine
Some advocates say until we start treating health care as a human right, we’ll continue to struggle to achieve equality and reproductive freedom. This story was written by NCSH member, Kelley Dennings of the Center for Biological Diversity.

Other News This Week

HIV Medication Will Soon Be Available in a Strawberry-Flavored, Dissolvable Tablet for Kids – INSIDER
Dolutegravir, an HIV medication, will soon be sold in an easily dissolved, strawberry-flavored tablet for up to 160,000 children with HIV, which should help improve medication compliance and outcomes.

How to Support A Loved One If They Come Out as Trans – HuffPost
It’s a privilege when a transgender person chooses to be their authentic self with you. Here’s how family and friends can be supportive while educating themselves, too.

Abortion Clinics Are Rapidly Closing. Many Won’t Come Back – TIME
Many independent abortion clinics—where 58% of people seeking abortions get them—have closed or are at risk of closing given increased operating costs and temporary closures during COVID-19.

Getty Images and GLAAD Team Up for New Transgender Photo Guidelines – NBC News
New guidelines developed by one of the largest stock photo agencies and a national LGBTQ group aim to improve representation of the transgender community.

Biden Could Expand Abortion Access, Even Without the Senate – The Atlantic
The path lies not in legislation but through the deregulation of mifepristone—the only drug the FDA has approved to safely and effectively terminate an early pregnancy.

Why Some Women Might Want ‘Missed-Period Pills’ – The New York Times
In a recent study, over 40 percent of women said they would prefer to take abortion pills instead of a pregnancy test to terminate a potential pregnancy without confirming that they were pregnant.

What I Wish I Learned About Fertility Before Starting My Family – TODAY
Some experts say our current health care system does a huge disservice to women by making them think that an annual well-woman exam or a Pap smear means their fertility is good.

This World AIDS Day the Global Response to HIV Stands on a Precipice – The Guardian
COVID-19 has shown the power of innovation and community services in a pandemic. These lessons should be applied to HIV.

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