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Biden Marks World AIDS Day with New National HIV/AIDS Strategy – CNN
With a goal of ending HIV by 2030, the President said the national strategy is truly equitable by taking on racial and gender disparities in our health system that have long affected HIV outcomes.

Teens Aren’t Receiving Enough Sex Education, Study Says – The Washington Post
Sex education is associated with fewer unplanned pregnancies and sexually transmitted infections. But according to a new study, about half of American teenagers aren’t receiving sex ed that meets minimum federal standards.

Expectant Mothers with Sexually Transmitted Infections Are More Likely to Give Birth Prematurely, Study Finds – CNN
Having chlamydia, gonorrhea or syphilis—sometimes called "silent" infections due to a dearth of symptoms in early stages—is now associated with a higher risk of premature birth.

Older Lesbian, Gay, and Bisexual Adults Suffer High Rates of Discrimination But Rarely Report It: Survey – The Hill
New survey data from Oregon suggests the state’s older lesbian, gay, and bisexual population experience relatively high levels of poverty, economic instability, suicidal thoughts, and elder abuse.

An HIV-Prevention Drug Is Widely Available. Yet At-Risk Women Are Getting Left Behind. – National Geographic
In the U.S., women account for a fifth of new HIV infections. But a persistent lack of education means few even know about the highly effective prevention medication called PrEP.

The Only Thing That Needs Rejuvenating Is the Way We Talk About Vaginas and Vulvas – Healthline
“Beautification” and “rejuvenation” procedures for vaginas and vulvas have gained popularity in recent years. In this story, an OB-GYN busts the myth that vaginas and vulvas need rejuvenating.

Breaking the Stigma of Painful Periods: “They Should Not Be Debilitating” – ABC News
Period pain is a fact of life for many women, yet many don’t know that what they are experiencing might not be normal.

I Have a Higher Libido Than My Partner—How Can I Be Both Supportive and Satisfied? – Well + Good
Being on either side of the sex drive seesaw can be frustrating, but a mismatched libido is a solvable issue so long as everyone is willing to be honest, empathetic, and prioritize the relationship.

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