Sexual Health in the News November 25 - December 1

NCSH in the News

Men are using condoms less, even as syphilis and other STDs surgeWashington Post 
Public health authorities are confronting a rise in STIs in a world where condom use has steadily declined — and, with it, one of the most effective ways of curbing the spread of disease. This story features David Harvey, of NCSD, an NCSH member.  

Health Workers Look to Dating Apps to Chase Sexually Transmitted InfectionsUS News 
Public health nurses in Iowa have learned that dating apps are an efficient way to inform users about potential STI exposures. This story two features two NCSH members: NCSD and BHOC.  

Other News This Week

She Wanted an Abortion. A Judge Said She Wasn’t Mature Enough to Decide. - Pro Publica 
As abortion access dwindles, America’s “parental-involvement” laws place further restrictions on teenagers — who may need to ask judges for permission to end their pregnancies.

The Future of Monkeypox - The Atlantic  
The outbreak here has been in slow retreat for months—and has already left many Americans’ minds. 

Conservative states are blocking trans medical care. Families are fleeing. - Politico 
From Texas to Florida, families with kids who are medically transitioning say state policies limiting gender-affirming care are forcing them to flee. 

You Can Still Get an STI From Oral Sex — Here's What to KnowPopSugar 
The CDC warns that one can get an STI in or on the mouth, throat, genitals, or rectum if they’re exposed to an infected partner.  

How Important Is Sex In Relationships? 9 Things To ConsiderMind Body Green 
With how much sex is talked about in pop culture, online relationship columns, and over drinks between close friends, it raises the question: Just how important is sex in a relationship? 

How to Love Being Single When You’re Exhausted from Dating - SHAPE 
Learn how to love being single by reframing negative thoughts and prioritizing your own happiness.

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