Sexual Health in the News November 24 - November 30

NCSH in the News

Spice It Up With Sex Toys for Older Adults - AARP
Sex toys for older adults can help play a role in expanding sexual experiences and maintaining a healthy sex life. NCSH arranged the interviews with Dr. Marilyn Jerome and sex therapist Sandi Kaufman. 

Will First FDA-Approved At-Home Test For Gonorrhea, Chlamydia Ease the Epidemic? - NBC News
The FDA’s approval of an at-home STI test aims to enhance early detection, but concerns arise over potential FDA regulations increasing costs and limiting accessibility. Dr. Leandro Mena of CDC, David Harvey of NCSD, and Jen Hecht of BHOC are featured.  

Other News This Week

UN Confirms Sexual Spread of Mpox in Congo For the 1st Time - ABC News
The WHO reports the first sexual transmission of mpox in Congo, highlighting concerns of widespread transmission and emphasizing challenges in controlling the virus in regions with limited surveillance and anti-LGBTQ laws.  

Explainer: What Does 'Deadname' Mean? - NBC News
Merriam-Webster's 2023 Word of the Year, deadname, refers to a transgender person’s birth name no longer in use, emphasizing the importance of respecting transgender people’s chosen names.  

Meta Apparently Rejects Period Care Ads For Being Adult or Political - Mashable
A complaint has been filed with the Federal Trade Commission against Meta for the systematic rejection of women’s health ads after labeling period care products as “adult” or “political” content.  

How Nazi Germany Persecuted Transgender People  - Yahoo News
For the first time a court in Germany acknowledged transgender people as victims of the Nazi regime, shedding light on historical persecution. Today, it resonates as attacks on trans rights persist.  

LGBTQ Groups Sue Over Iowa Law Banning Library Books and Gender Identity Discussions - NBC News
Iowa families are challenging a new law that restricts LGBTQ+ discussions in schools, bans certain books, and forces teachers to disclose students’ gender identity. 

Study Finds That Men Are Viewed as 'More Entitled to Orgasms' Than Women - Huffington Post
Research has shown that straight women have statistically fewer orgasms than any other demographic. A new study sheds light on why the “orgasm gap” might be so vast and widely accepted.  

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