Sexual Health in the News August 5 – August 11

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Fishy Vaginal Odor: What Causes It and How to Treat It - Insider 

A fishy-smelling vagina could be caused by bacterial vaginosis, perspiration, or trichomoniasis. But there are other conditions that cause odor ranging from sour to foul. NCSH arranged the interview with Dr. Marilyn Jerome. 

 Who Bears the Brunt of STI Stigma? - Get Me Giddy 

Along with causing emotional distress, STI-related stigma can get in the way of obtaining timely treatment, leading to poorer health outcomes. NCSH arranged interviews with NCSH members, Shana Singleton of Herpes Could Never and Courtney Brame, of Something Positive for Positive People. 

Other News This Week

CDC: Consider fewer sexual partners to avoid monkeypox - Washington Post 

According to the CDC, sexually active Americans should consider limiting partners and avoiding sex parties to reduce the risk of contracting monkeypox until they get vaccinated.  

Lung Cancer Can Diminish Sexual Health for Women - US News 

A new study finds that sexual dysfunction is a common side effect among women with lung cancer. 

Breakthrough Bleeding: Why It Happens, and When to Talk to Your DoctorPOPSUGAR 

Many things can cause breakthrough bleeding, including hormonal birth control, the morning-after pill, STIs, or hormonal abnormalities. Figuring out the cause is key to treating it.   

What You Should Know About Postpartum Sex - Cleveland Clinic 

Dr. Zuponcic explains that when your healthcare provider clears you to engage in sex physically, that doesn’t mean you’re necessarily going to be ready-ready for sex. 

"Black Women Deserve Great Sex" Is the Motto That Keeps This Wellness Platform Running - POPSUGAR 

Kimbritive is a sexual-wellness platform reimagining the health and well-being of Black women and girls that promotes pleasurable, safe, and consensual sex.  

Sex In The Metaverse Is Coming — And So Can You - Refinery29 

With growing advancements in the world of virtual reality, the sex industry and sex in general are making a large shift to virtual spaces. 

We’ve All Had Bad Sex. Nona Willis Aronowitz Is Talking About It. - Bustle 

Nona Willis Aronowitz, Teen Vogue relationships columnist, talks about her new book,” Bad Sex. 

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