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The Top 4 Mistakes We Make When We Talk About Condoms, According to Sex Educators – SheKnows
Over the years, one of the simpler sexual health topics—condoms—has had an ongoing PR problem. Experts can’t help but wonder if standard lessons on condoms are actually creating a negative image. This story was co-authored by Dr. Logan Levkoff, a NCSH member.

Other News This Week

How the Texas Ban on Most Abortions Is Harming Survivors of Rape and Incest – NPR
The Texas ban on abortion as early as six weeks into pregnancy makes no exceptions for people who are victims of rape or incest. Social workers say that's causing serious harm to sexual assault survivors in the state.

In 102 Anti-Trans Bills in 7 States, The Word ‘Transgender’ Appears Just 7 Times. It’s Not an Accident. – USA Today
By not acknowledging transgender people’s existence in legislation or rhetoric that affects them, experts say proponents of these bills deceive voters and make it impossible for them to acknowledge potential harms.

Americans Broadly Support Supreme Court Upholding Roe v. Wade and Oppose Texas Abortion Law, Post-ABC Poll Finds – The Washington Post
Americans say by a roughly 2-to-1 margin that the Supreme Court should uphold its landmark abortion decision in Roe v. Wade, and by a similar margin they oppose the new Texas abortion ban.

U=U, But Let’s Not Stigmatize Being Detectable – TheBody
So, how is the U=U message playing out in the health care setting? Are we stigmatizing those who are detectable?

As States Pursue a Wave of Anti-LGBTQ Laws, Cities Move in the Opposite Direction – NBC News
The annual Municipal Equality Index evaluated how LGBTQ people are included in the local laws, policies, and services of more than 500 U.S. cities.

Lawsuit Challenges Surgery Requirement for N.C. Birth Certificate Change – NBC News
The law discriminates against transgender people who may not want or who are unable to afford gender-affirming surgery, advocates say.

What You Need to Know About Anal Sex and IBD – Xtra
Experts weigh-in on the questions about inflammatory bowel disease and anal sex that you’re probably too embarrassed to ask.

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