Sexual Health in the News November 11 - November 17

NCSH in the News

S3 E13 Centering Pleasure, Problems, and Pride in Sexual Health Care - Coming Together for Sexual Health
On this week’s episode of Coming Together for Sexual Health, Jenn Rogers, Director of the National Coalition for Sexual Health (NCSH), and Bryce Furness, MD, CDC Epidemiologist, discuss their work developing a new toolkit for primary care providers to use in order to center sexual pleasure, problems, and pride as a part of all wellness visits.  

‘Nobody Wants to Get Pregnant:’ The End of Roe Is Ruining America’s Sex Life - Vice 
A fear of an unwanted, even dangerous pregnancy is kind of a mood killer, sex therapists told VICE News. This story features, Dr. Justin Garcia, of The Kinsey Institute, an NCSH member. 

As STDs proliferate, companies rush to market at-home test kits. But are they reliable? - CBS NEWS 
Federal regulators, the health care industry, and consumers moved to make at-home testing a reliable tool for managing a public health crisis. This story features Dr. Leandro Mena, Director of CDC’s Division of STD Prevention; Jenny Mahn of NCSD, and Dr. Charlotte Gaydos. 

Other News This Week

Judge overturns Georgia’s six-week abortion banWashington Post 
A Fulton County judge has overturned Georgia’s six-week abortion ban, ruling that two key parts of the law “were plainly unconstitutional when drafted, voted upon, and enacted.”

Sperm counts are decreasing, study finds. What might it mean for fertility? - USA Today 
Declining sperm counts – in the U.S. and globally – might be caused by environmental factors, chemicals, being overweight or other lifestyle factors. Men should talk to their doctor if they're concerned about their sperm count. 

What To Expect During Your First Women’s Wellness Exam - Forbes 
Even when you’re feeling healthy, regular preventive care is important to screen for diseases and assess your risk of future medical issues. All women should have an annual wellness exam that also covers their reproductive and sexual health. 

Here’s What To Do If You Forgot Your Birth Control at Home During Vacation, According to an OB/GYN - Well + Good 
Charis Chambers, MD explains what to do if you are unable to take your birth control pills or use your other regular method of birth control for an extended period of time. 

The Situationship Is Dead - POPSUGAR
The following story is a part of POPSUGAR's Sex in a Post-Roe World series, which explores how limited (or nonexistent) abortion access is changing how people approach sex, dating, and relationships. 

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