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A Program Helps Ukraine's Veterans Find Sexual Healing After the Trauma of War - NPR
Veterans Hub, a support group in Kyiv, Ukraine, is helping veterans address issues related to sexuality and intimacy. 

The Vatican Says Priests Can Baptize Transgender PeopleNPR
The Vatican permits baptism for transgender people without causing a “public scandal,” emphasizing challenges that still persist in addressing LGBTQ+ issues in the Catholic Church. 

New Research Identifies Key Factors Linked to Sexual Satisfaction in Single and Partnered Adults -PsyPost
A new research study on singles and couples reveals that being content with your sexual activity and relationship status plays a pivotal role in overall sexual satisfaction.  

Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade Transgender 'Extravaganza' Sparks Boycott - Newsweek  
The annual Macy’s parade in New York City is planned to include LGBTQ+ performers, sparking an online petition to boycott it.  

Two Students Accuse Hillsdale College of Retaliating Against Them After They Reported Sexual Assaults - NBC News
Two students at a conservative Michigan college are suing the school for failing to thoroughly investigate their reports of sexual assault. 

This HIV Ally is Spicing Up Sexual Health - Advocate
Pedro Coronado is dedicated to HIV prevention and care and co-launched the National Latinx Conference on HIV, incorporating unconventional approaches like parades and a “kink and fetish” talk to promote sexual health.  

Cramping From Bruised Cervix: How to Manage Pain - Very Well Health 
A bruised cervix isn’t usually cause for concern, but it can be uncomfortable. Here is everything you need to know about why it happens, how to relieve the pain, and how long it usually takes to heal.  

How Late Can Your Period Be After Taking Plan B One-Step? - Very Well Health
Plan B One-Step is a single-dose emergency contraceptive pill that helps reduce the risk of pregnancy. Here’s more information about the link between taking it, your period’s timing, and its safety.  

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