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How Schools Can Reduce Sexual Violence – NPR
More than half of young women and almost half of young men have experienced sexual harassment before age 18. A new approach called positive social norms may help address the problem.

Betsy DeVos Set to Bolster Rights of Accused in Rewrite of Sexual Assault Rules – Washington Post
Education Secretary Betsy DeVos is set to release a sweeping overhaul of how colleges and universities must handle allegations of sexual assault and harassment, giving new rights to the accused, including the ability to cross-examine their accusers.

Here's What Trump's Final Rules on Birth Control Coverage Mean for You – Self
Earlier this month the Trump administration released two final rules that broaden exemptions for birth control coverage in employer-sponsored insurance plans, allowing even more companies to decide not to cover medication on religious or moral grounds.

Innovation Can Help End the AIDS Epidemic by 2030 – US News & World Report
A United Nations initiative has set its sights on an ambitious program to bring an end to the AIDS epidemic by 2030. The 90-90-90 strategy aims to do this by reaching three targets: 90% of all people with HIV must know their status, 90% of those diagnosed with HIV must receive antiretroviral therapy, and 90% of people receiving antiretroviral therapy must be virally suppressed.

Most, Not All, PCPs Willing to See Transgender Patients – Medscape
According to a new study, most physicians would provide routine care to transgender patients, but the likelihood that they would do so declined with age.

Why Are Young People Having So Little Sex? – The Atlantic
Our culture has never been more tolerant of sex in just about every permutation, but despite all this, American teenagers and young adults are having less sex.

Jill Scott Video Shows Singer Simulate Oral Sex with Microphone on Stage – Newsweek
Jill Scott took her performance to a new level on Monday when she simulated performing oral sex on her microphone. Scott quickly started trending on Twitter for her intimate moment, and later addressed the controversial conversation surrounding her artistic choice.

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