Sexual Health in the News Nov 8 - Nov 14

NCSH in the News

What Happens to Your Vagina After Sex? 7 Things You Should Know – Romper
Experts discuss what happens to the vagina immediately following sex and why, including changes in color, size, and temperature. NCSH arranged the interview with Dr. Nan Wise, a member of AASECT, which is a NCSH member.

“The Hymen Means Nothing”: Why the Virginity Test Imposed By the Rapper TI on His Daughter Is Unnecessary – Univision
Experts explain why it’s problematic to use the hymen as an indicator of “virginity” and why “virginity tests” are unnecessary and discriminatory. NCSH arranged the interview with Laura Jimenez, and the story also features NCSH member Courtney Benedict of PPFA. (**NOTE: This article was originally published in Spanish. Please select ‘translate’ on your browser to view in English. Translations may contain grammatical errors.)

Planned Parenthood Unveils New ‘Abortion Care Finder’ Tool Online – HuffPost
PPFA released Abortion Care Finder, a tool to help women locate the nearest Planned Parenthood clinic that legally offers abortion. The tool explains relevant state laws, and details abortion services available at different clinics.  PPFA, an NCSH member, is quoted.

Other News This Week

Orgasming Isn’t Always a Good Thing, and Can Even Happen During ‘Bad’ Sex – Business Insider
A recent study reveals that orgasms don’t always indicate a positive sexual experience, as they can bring up negative thoughts such as gender dysphoria, religious shame, and partner or societal pressure to climax.

He Lied About Having the ‘Snip’: When Does Consensual Sex Become Rape? – Refinery29
Experts discuss contraceptive sabotage, also called reproductive coercion, and how the withholding of knowledge related to a sexual encounter can affect consent.

What the Battle Over a 7-Year-Old Trans Girl Could Mean for Families Nationwide – Vox
A custody battle over a 7-year-old transgender girl whose parents disagree over whether she should be allowed to transition has elevated polarizing opinions over how to raise and treat transgender children.

Lawmakers Introduce Sexual Assault Survivors’ Bill of Rights on State Level – HuffPost
Members of Congress recently introduced the Survivors’ Bill of Rights in the States Act, which encourages states to give victims of sexual assault the same protections afforded under federal law.

LGBTQ Acceptance Grew Globally Over Past Four Decades—But Not Everywhere – NBC News
According to a recent report, the “most accepting” LGBTQ countries are becoming more accepting, while the “least accepting” are becoming less accepting.

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