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Could A Yeast Infection Be An Early Sign Of This Common Disease? - Prevention
If yeast infections are a persistent problem for you, there's a chance that it could be a sign of something more serious. One possibility: diabetes. NCSH spokeswoman, Dr. Katharine O'Connell White, is quoted.  

The Best Way to Clean Your Vibrator - Shape
According to a study, about 14% of women have never cleaned their vibrators before or after use. NCSH spokeswoman and member Tyomi Morgan speaks on the importance of cleaning your vibrator.

Only 13 States Require Sex Ed to Be Medically Accurate - Tonic 
There are only 13 states in the US that require sex ed classes to include information that is medically, factually and technically accurate. Research from Altarum's Jenn Rodgers on the harmfulness of abstinence-only programs is referenced. 

In Reversal, Notre Dame Says Health Plans Will Still Cover Birth Control - NPR
After announcing an end to health insurance coverage for contraceptives, the University of Notre Dame now says that the coverage will still be available through third-party providers, as it was in the past. 

IUDs May Have a Surprising Health Benefit - Refinery 29
IUDs are among the most effective forms of birth control, but new research suggests that they may also be associated with a dramatic decrease in the incidence of cervical cancer.  

Yes, You Can Get Herpes (And Other Bugs) From Lipstick - Forbes
Is it possible to contract the herpes virus through lipstick? Scientific evidence suggests yes. The HSV virus can survive for short periods of time outside of the human body.   

Do We Need Different Sizes of Condoms? - Healthline
A Boston-based company is selling custom-fit condoms. They say their product provides more pleasure and protection, but there's no scientific data yet.    

6 Little Things That Are Killing Your Libido - Prevention
While there's no medical definition of "healthy" when it comes to your libido, certain lifestyle or health factors may cause an individual's libido to heat up or cool down. What are those factors? Here are six of them

Victims of Sexual Harassment Speak Up, but Legal Fears Can Inhibit Them - NPR
As more victims break their silence and discuss their allegations publicly, the power dynamic is shifting, but there are legal obstacles to making public accusations.

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