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We Need To Talk About LGBTQ Students & Sex Ed - Refinery 29
In many States, sex education fails to be comprehensive, often neglecting subjects like consent and pleasure. And, it is often particularly unhelpful for students who identify as LGBTQ. Noreen Giga from GLSEN talks about the importance of including LGBTQ issues in sex ed in a positive, inclusive way.   

So You Hooked Up With an Old Fling - Now What? - Refinery 29
Hooking up with a dormant crush when you're home for the holidays can be a hilarious and excruciatingly awkward situation. NCSH arranged an interview with Dr. Logan Levkoff, who shares some key tips to navigating this situation.   

What Does It Mean to Be Pansexual? - Glamour 
Pansexuality is a sexual identity used to describe those who could be potentially attracted to all people, regardless of gender. Becca Mui from GLSEN, an NCSH member, speaks on the topic.

Obamacare or Not, Birth Control in Mass. Will Stay Free - Boston Globe
Massachusetts Governor Charlie Baker signed into law a bill that will mandate many MA women receive free access to contraceptives - a direct response to President Trump's efforts to roll back coverage.

Sexual Assault Endured by Domestic Workers Overlooked in National Conversation - Washington Post
As the nation faces the frequency of sexual harassment and assault at work, it's women at the bottom of the labor market who suffer sexual harassment most often and are least likely to see anything like justice.  

Hormonal Birth Control Is Linked to a Higher Risk of Suicide, Study Says - Time 
A new study reports that women taking hormonal contraceptives have up to triple the risk of suicide as women who never took hormonal birth control.  

Trump Budget Cuts Could Result in Millions of New AIDS-Related Infections, Says New Report - CBS News 
Leading up to World AIDS Day, a new ONE Campaign report predicts the White House's proposed $800 million cut to HIV/AIDS efforts could result in millions of new HIV infections, reversing progress the world has made in the fight against AIDS. 

Almost Every Transgender Employee Experiences Harassment or Mistreatment on the Job, Study Shows - Newsweek
According to the US Commission on Civil Rights, almost every transgender employee in the US has experienced some form of harassment or mistreatment at their job.  

About 15% of Americans with HIV Don't Know They're Infected, CDC Report Says - Los Angeles Times
Among 1.2 million Americans living with HIV in 2015, the CDC estimates that about 15% were unaware of their HIV-positive status.  And, the typical person with HIV was infected for three years before realizing it.  

This New 'Smart Condom' is the Penis Fitbit that Literally No One Asked For - Cosmopolitan 
i.Con is a new product, a 'smart condom,' claiming to be the "future of wearable technology in the bedroom." i.Con does not protect against sexually transmitted diseases, but instead monitors and records a variety of sex data.  

10 Facts Everyone Should Know About HPV - Huffington Post
Educating yourself can help take the scariness out of an HPV diagnosis and help you manage your health. Here is a breakdown of the facts everyone, including men, should know about HPV.  

When Doctors Refuse to See Transgender Patients, the Consequences Can be Dire - Washington Post
Because so few physicians will treat this population, many transgender people have given up trying to find medical care or are afraid to seek routine and emergency care. A 2014 Williams Institute study showed that 60% of transgender patients who are unable to find physicians have attempted suicide.

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