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The Era of Cheap and Easy STD Treatment Is Over. What Went Wrong? – Wired
Funds have been cut, tests are proving inadequate, public health workers are being laid off, and any new compound—such as zoliflodacin—is likely to cost far more than the old antibiotics that have lost their power. Matt Prior of the National Coalition of STD Directors, an NCSH member, is quoted.

Number of Abortions in U.S. Hit Historic Low in 2015, the Most Recent Year for which Data Is Available – Washington Post
According to new data from the CDC, fewer U.S. women are having abortions than at any time since Roe v. Wade.

This Male Birth Control Comes as a Topical Gel and Will Be Tested in a Clinical Trial – ABC News
The NIH recently funded a study to assess if a topical gel for men could prevent pregnancy, potentially giving couples a new contraceptive option. Learn more about this promising new gel.

Dem Senators Call on DeVos to Rescind New Campus Sexual Assault Policies – The Hill
Sens. Patty Murray (Wash.) and Maggie Hassan (N.H.) are calling on Education Secretary Betsy DeVos to rescind the new campus sexual abuse policies her department released this month, saying the proposed rules would bolster the rights of the accused at the expense of sexual assault survivors.

Men Who Think 'Consent Videos' Are the Answer to Sexual Assault Are Very Wrong – Refinery29
When it comes to giving consent, “consent videos” are probably not the answer. Using a one-time, blanket statement around consent, they fail to recognize that consent is an ongoing discussion between partners, and that consent can be withdrawn around specific sexual practices, and at any time.

What It Means to Be Asexual, Bicurious — & Other Sexualities You Need to Know – Refinery29
There are so many more ways someone can identify their sexual orientation than the LGBTQ acronym suggests — and it's time that we start talking about them, too.

Birth Control Can Help PMDD Symptoms, Experts Say, & Here’s How – Bustle
Treatment of Premenstrual dysphoric disorder (PMDD) remains an area of intense research, but increasingly, scientists believe that birth control, particularly combined hormonal contraceptives, might be a good way to tackle the condition.

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