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At Least 22 Transgender People Have Been Killed This Year. But Numbers Don’t Tell the Full Story – CNN
For the fifth year in a row at least 20 transgender people have been killed, and black women are particularly affected. Experts say deaths are being unreported or misreported, meaning we do not know the full extent of the problem.

Anal Cancer Rates and Deaths Are Climbing in the US, Study Says – CNN
Anal cancer rates are rising dramatically in the US, especially among older people and young black men. As over 90% of cases are associated with HPV, experts are recommending broader screening efforts be considered.

Ohio’s Proposed Abortion Ban Would Require Doctors to Reimplant Ectopic Pregnancies, But That’s Not Possible – INSIDER
A proposed abortion ban in Ohio would require doctors to attempt to re-implant ectopic pregnancies in the uterus despite the fact that doctors say reimplantation is “physiologically impossible.”

Anti-Abortion Centers Compete for Federal Funds Forfeited by Planned Parenthood – HuffPost
Christian pregnancy centers are taking the unprecedented step of offering women contraceptives in the hopes of receiving the Title X funding forfeited by Planned Parenthood.

How to Explore Your Queerness When You Have a Straight Partner – Vice
Experts discuss how bisexual or queer individuals can explore their sexuality while in a heterosexual relationship by talking with their partner, attending queer events, watching queer porn, and more.

How to Talk to Your Teen About STIs in a Helpful, Not Awkward Way – HuffPost
Sex educators share tips for making conversations about sexually transmitted infections less embarrassing for parents and kids.

Sexist Science Makes Women’s Reproductive Health a Guessing Game – Inverse
Researchers discuss how, despite ending more than 20 years ago, a ban on women of childbearing age taking part in first-stage clinical trials is still having an impact, including on birth control methods and drugs to treat HIV.

Being in an Open Relationship Isn’t the Same as Being Polyamorous. A Sex Researcher Explains the Difference. – INSIDER
A researcher reviews the differences between types of consensually non-monogamous relationships including polyamory, open relationships, and swinging.

Yes, Condoms Do Expire—Sometimes Before the Date Printed on the Packaging – POPSUGAR
Outside factors, such as the use of spermicide and where or how a condom is stored, can affect a condom’s shelf life.

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