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Birth Control Mistakes You Never Knew You Were Making -The List
Many women use some form of birth control at some point over the course of their lives. But there are some surprising mistakes women make that they never thought would qualify as a mistake. NCSH spokeswoman Dr. Katharine O'Connell White is quoted. 

On Thanks, Birth Control Day 2017, Women Share the Vital Role Contraception Has Played In Their Lives - Bustle  
NCSH member, the National Campaign to Prevent Teen and Unplanned Pregnancy, created Thanks, Birth Control Day to honor the role contraception plays in our lives. On this day in 2017, women shared the reasons they're thankful for birth control. 

Prince Harry Hands Out HIV Self-Testing Kits to End Stigma - People
Prince Harry visited a local HIV testing center, learned how the self-test kits work, and helped volunteers hand out the kits, taking another step in his ongoing campaign to promote testing for HIV.

Peter Thiel-Backed 'Unethical' Herpes Vaccine Could Gouge $15 Million From Research Into Serious Diseases - Newsweek
Links between a university researcher and a controversial clinical trial for a herpes vaccine could determine if an Illinois medical school will lose $15 million of federal research funding.

This Is What Sex After Gynecological Cancer Is Really Like - Self
Four different women talk about their paths to rediscovering sexual pleasure after treatment for gynecological cancers and how they want to see comprehensive cancer care evolve to address this factor for all patients. 

uBiome Launches an At-Home Women's Health Test for HPV, STIs and Bacterial Vaginosis - Tech Crunch 
SmartJane is a new women's health test from uBiome that promises to check for 23 vaginal flora, as well as 19 strains of HPV and a string of STDs from the comfort of your own home.     

HPV Vaccine Could Mean 3 Pap Tests in a Lifetime - WebMD
A new study suggests that women who have had the HPV vaccine may only need 3 Pap tests to screen for cervical cancer in their lifetime.

This Is What It's Like to Have Sex After Being Raped: One Woman's Story - Women's Health
One woman shares her story of what it was like to rebuild her sexual confidence and try to have normal sex following a rape.  

Utah Legislator Proposes Sex Ed Online Instead of in Class - US News & World Report
A Utah legislator is developing a proposal to move sex education out of the classroom and onto home computers via the internet

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