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1 Out of 3 Gay Men Feel Unsafe at Home Amid Coronavirus, Survey Finds – HuffPost
Almost a third of gay and bisexual men report feeling physically or emotionally unsafe at home during lockdown, a global survey found on Tuesday, highlighting the pandemic’s wider mental health impacts.

Even Sex with Your Live-In Partner Is Risky During the Pandemic, Doctors Say – INSIDER
Until coronavirus is eradicated, partnered sex of any kind could increase a person’s COVID-19 risk, according to doctors and public health experts. They said people should consider other options.

LGBTQ People Face Higher Unemployment Amid Coronavirus Pandemic, Survey Finds – NBC News
Seventeen percent of LGBTQ people polled lost their jobs because of COVID-19, compared to 13 percent of the general population, a survey found.

Abortion Could Be “Profoundly” Impacted in 15 States Depending on Upcoming Supreme Court Ruling, Study Shows – CBS News
The Supreme Court is considering a 2014 Louisiana law that requires doctors who provide abortions to have hospital admitting privileges. Critics say the outcome could limit abortion access in many states.

How the Approval of the Birth Control Pill 60 Years Ago Helped Change Lives – NPR
When the pill was approved in 1960, it offered more reliability and convenience than other methods, and has since allowed women to have more control over their fertility.

I Work In a Nevada Brothel Shut Down in the Pandemic. Here’s How We’re Getting By. – Vox
Stimulus bill exclusions for sex work further devalue an already stigmatized industry in a time of need.

If You Have a Low Sex Drive During Quarantine, Here’s Why – Elite Daily
If you have a low sex drive during quarantine, what you’re experiencing is totally normal. This health crisis could be negatively affecting your mental health, and, in turn, your level of sexual desire.

If You Have a Higher Sex Drive During Quarantine, Here’s Why – Elite Daily
For some people, stress is making it impossible to get in the mood for sex. For others, if you have a higher sex drive during quarantine, experts say that's totally legit, too, and here are some reasons why.

How the COVID-19 Pandemic Affects Your Period and What to Do About It – HuffPost
As if there wasn’t enough to worry about with coronavirus, it can also cause a change or skip in your menstrual cycle.

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