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The Difficult Truth About ThreesomesThe Telegraph via Yahoo! News
A study on couples trying threesomes highlights challenges, illustrated by a case where a planned threesome leads to disappointment and awkwardness, featuring insights from Dr. Justin Lehmiller of the Kinsey Institute, a NCSH member.

Is Polyamory a Sexual Orientation? Legal Protections Might Depend on Making It One.Slate
The article discusses the growing acceptance of polyamory but notes the lack of legal protections for polyamorous relationships, advocating for recognition akin to sexual orientation. Data from NCSH member, Kinsey Institute, is cited.

Other News This Week

Abortion Bans Drive Away Up to Half of Young Talent, CNBC/Generation Lab Youth Survey Finds NBC News
Article highlights how abortion bans repel young talent, with a recent survey showing that most respondents would avoid living in states with such bans and reject job offers, among other concerns.

Supreme Court Poised to Enter Debate Over Transgender Care for MinorsLos Angeles Times
The Supreme Court may soon decide on a Tennessee law restricting medical treatment for transgender youths, raising questions about transgender rights and parental decision-making.

‘Pregnant People’: The Case for Using Gender-Neutral LanguageCNN
Experts advocate for gender-inclusive language in medical settings, supported by various medical associations, despite critiques of erasing cisgender individuals.

The One Simple Trick That Can Completely Jump-Start Your Sex DriveNew York Post
Reading erotic literature and sexual self-help books can help increase desire, arousal, and sexual satisfaction, ultimately improving your sex drive and relationship, according to experts.

In Spite of Abortion Bans, Self-Managed Abortions Are Safer Than EverSalon via Yahoo! News
Advancements in abortion medication and telehealth have made self-managed abortions safer and more accessible, offering crucial options amidst increasing restrictions on clinic-based abortion care.

Netflix's 'Baby Reindeer' And the Complicated Aspects of Sexual AbuseUSA Today
"Baby Reindeer" explores the complexities of trauma from sexual abuse, shedding light on how it shapes identity and relationships while urging survivors to seek support to navigate its lingering effects.

Why Does It Burn to Pee After Sex? Causes And SolutionsVerywell Health
The article discusses the common occurrence of experiencing a burning sensation when urinating after sexual activity, exploring potential causes and insights into preventive measures.

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