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Dear ‘Game of Thrones’: Sexual Assault Is Not a Rite of Passage for Women – Well + Good
Experts discuss how “Game of Thrones” dangerously portrays sexual assault as the important factor in making the women who survive it strong. NCSH arranged the interview with NCSH member Laura Palumbo of the National Sexual Violence Resource Center.

Other News This Week

HIV Treatment Eliminates Risk of Passing On Virus, Landmark Study Says – CNN
A study of 1,000 gay male couples with one partner with HIV taking antiretroviral therapy found no new cases of transmission to the HIV-negative partner during sex without a condom.

House Democrats Seek to Block Trump’s Faith-Based Protections for Health Workers – Washington Post
The House Appropriations Committee has voted to block the Trump administration’s rule allowing health care professionals to refuse services, like abortion and gender reassignment, which violate their religious or moral beliefs. Republicans say blocking this rule would block the free exercise of civil rights.

Transgender Teens in Schools with Bathroom Restrictions Are At Higher Risk of Sexual Assault, Study Says – CNN
According to a recent study, 36% of transgender and gender-nonbinary teens who are subject to restroom restrictions report being a victim of sexual assault in the past 12 months, compared to 25.9% who do not face the same restrictions.

New Study Shows That Sexual Identity Continues to Evolve Well Into Adulthood – Well + Good
New research shows that people ranging in age from adolescence to their late 20s report variation in who they are attracted to and partnered up with, as well as how they identify sexually.

Caster Semenya Loses Case to Compete as a Woman in All Races – New York Times
A court recently ruled that female runners with high testosterone must take medication to reduce their levels if they want to compete. Some are concerned about discrimination due to the “practical impossibility” some athletes may face in meeting these standards, particularly those who are intersex.

Generic HIV Prevention Drug Coming in 2020, Gilead Says – CNBC
After pressure from activists, Gilead announced that a generic and cheaper version of Truvada, the HIV prevention drug, will be available in September 2020. However, activists say allowing only one generic manufacturer will do little to reduce the price in a way that will increase access.

What You Need to Know About Disability-Inclusive Sex – Yahoo!
A psychologist and disability rights activist talk about the need for representation and access to information about sex for those with disabilities, and discusses myths and stereotypes, including the idea that those with physical disabilities are not interested in sexual activity.

Poll: Majority Oppose Trump Administration Restrictions on Abortion Funding – The Hill
A recent poll found that 58 percent of respondents oppose the restriction of federal funding to clinics that provide abortion services, including 48 percent of Republicans.

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