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Trying to Avoid Racist Health Care, Black Women Seek Out Black Obstetricians – NPR
A Black physician can offer Black patients a sense of safety, validation, and trust, which is key as ongoing discrimination and unconscious bias result in unequal treatment of racial and ethnic minorities.

Why Getting an Abortion Before 6 Weeks of Pregnancy Is Almost ‘Impossible’ – INSIDER
Texas’ new law bans abortions after 6 weeks, but most people don’t know they’re pregnant by then. Doctors also often won’t see patients until a suspected 8 weeks of pregnancy just to confirm it.

HIV Rates Remain Stubbornly High in Mississippi, Despite Falling Cases Across the U.S. – The Washington Post
Health officials and advocates say a complex mix of cultural, logistical and economic factors is preventing Mississippians from accessing PrEP — and preventing doctors from prescribing it.

Testing for STIs in the U.S. Dropped During Early Pandemic – HealthDay
There was a low point in testing for chlamydia and gonorrhea seen in early April 2020, raising the possibility of many missed cases.

Standing Between Care and Violence – Marie Claire
Abortion-clinic escorts and defenders serve as human shields protecting patients from angry, aggressive protestors. With emboldened extremists and the COVID crisis, escorts face more danger now.  

A Guide to Gender Identity Terms – NPR
Issues of equality and acceptance of transgender and nonbinary people are major topics in the headlines. This glossary of terms helps people communicate accurately and respectfully with one another.

Menopause Is Having a Moment – Vox
It used to be taboo to talk about. That’s starting to change.

Yes, You’re Queer Enough—So Call or Label Yourself Whatever Feels Right – Healthline
Have you ever asked yourself “Am I queer?” or “Am I queer enough?” This article provides an overview of what queer means, and how to embrace and feel comfortable in your queer identity.

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