Sexual Health in the News May 26 - June 1

NCSH in the News

Sex Education Across the United States - Giddy
Should sex ed be taught in schools and what is the current state of sex education programs around the U.S.? Susan Gilbert, NCSH co-director; Jenn Rogers, of Child Trends; and Michelle Slaybaugh, of SIECUS, are featured.  

Other News This Week

Teenage Birth Rates in the US Reached Historic Lows in 2022, CDC Report Finds- ABC News
There was a 3% drop in teenage birth rates in 2022, a record low in the United States. 

LGBTQ+ Pride Month Kicks Off With Protests, Parades, Parties - ABC News
This year’s Pride month takes place in a contentious political climate, with state legislators seeking bans relating to drag shows, gender-affirming care and classroom discussion about sexuality and gender.  

Alabama's Law Limiting Transgender Athletes in Sports Now Includes College Students - NPR
Alabama Gov. Kay Ivey signed a bill making it illegal for public higher education institutions to allow transgender people to participate in sports that don’t correspond with their gender identity at birth. 

New Iowa Law Restricts Gender Identity Education, Bans Books with Sexual Content - CNN
Iowa Gov. Kim Reynolds signed a sweeping bill that restricts education about gender identity and sexual orientation and bans books with certain sexual content from school libraries. 

What's It Like Dating with a Low Libido? - Giddy
A generally lower sex drive or changes in libido caused by aging or a medical condition aren’t necessarily a cause for concern. But how do you navigate intimacy while getting to know somebody new?  

What is BPH and What Causes It? - Giddy
Benign prostatic hyperplasia (BHP) occurs when the prostate gland grows significantly. BHP is noncancerous and typically not life-threatening, but can cause issues with urination, ejaculation, and more.  

What’s the Difference Between Polyamory & an Open Relationship – Refinery29 
Polyamory and open relationships both fall under the umbrella of ethical non-monogamy, but they are two different things. Let’s break it down.  

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