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Coalition Urges Americans to Take "Five Action Steps to Good Sexual Health"
The National Coalition for Sexual Health launched the Five Action Steps to Good Sexual Health. This comprehensive roadmap redefines what it means to be sexually healthy, and provides practical tools to help Americans improve their sexual health.

How to Talk About Your Sexual Desires With Your Partner – Teen Vogue
Good sex should is just as much about communication as the physical act. NCSH member Shan Boodram talked to Teen Vogue and gave three key tips on how to talk about your stimulation of choice, your partners likes and dislikes, and more. The NCSH and the Five Action Steps are also mentioned.

How Do You Figure Out What You Really Want From A Relationship, Anyway? – Refinery29
People have to ask for what they want out of sex, and then keep talking to their partner about how to make that happen. But how do you ask for what you want if you're not really sure what that is? The NCSH and the Five Action Steps are highlighted, and NCSH member Shan Boodram is quoted.

‘Unintended Pregnancy’: Nearly 170,000 Allergan Birth Control Packs Recalled – Washington Post
Allergan issued a nationwide recall Tuesday for nearly 170,000 sample packs of the birth control Taytulla after a packaging error caused pills to be placed in the wrong order, a mistake that could lead to unintended pregnancies.

Teens Can Now Get HIV Drug… Will They Use It? – Healthline
FDA officials have approved Truvada for adolescents, but there’s some debate over whether teens will take it faithfully as well as continue safe sex practices.

What 1,147 Men Think About #MeToo: A Glamour x GQ Survey – GQ
GQ partnered with Glamour on an exclusive survey of more than 1,000 men about #MeToo, and the results were eye-opening. More than half of the men who responded have either never heard of #MeToo, or they know so little that they can’t explain what it is.

With TV Ads, Drugmaker Gilead Brings HIV Prevention Drug Out of the Closet – NBC News
Gilead Sciences will begin airing television ads for PrEP, its HIV prevention medication. The ads, which will start in June and run through August, are “designed to encourage candid conversations around sexual health and promote public awareness of HIV prevention.”

9 Things We Get Wrong About Sex – Huffington Post
It’s harmful to believe generalizations, stereotypes and hearsay about sex and sexual health. Experts clear up the most common sex-related myths they hear perpetuated.

A #UsToo Movement? 3 Reasons Why #MeToo Needs To Go Further – Forbes
The #UsToo hashtag sheds light on some limitations of the #MeToo movement. We need to go further to attain true equality between men and women from all walks of life.

Sex Education Is Better When Schools and Parents Take Their Partnership Seriously – Dallas News
A dangerous misstep school districts can make is not informing and including parents as key partners in the rearing of healthy young people. Parents especially matter in sex education and in several important ways.

Couples Who Eat a Lot of Seafood Have More Sex & Get Pregnant Faster, Study Finds – Bustle
New research, which looked at data of 501 couples who were trying to get pregnant, shows that eating seafood is linked to having more sex — and higher pregnancy rates.

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