Sexual Health in the News May 24 - May 30

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We Need to Talk About Syphilis – SELF
The rates of primary and secondary syphilis have steadily climbed since 2001 to the current rate of 9.5 cases per 100,000 people. Experts from CDC and NCSD, along with Dr. Peter Leone, share why rates are rising, who is affected, what’s being done to combat this increase, and how you can stay safe.

Rape and Incest Account for Hardly Any Abortions. So Why Are They Now a Focus? – USA Today
While 1% of abortions are obtained because of rape and less than 0.5% because of incest, the battle over exceptions for both has garnered attention, a tactic experts say is meant to divert the focus away from laws that restrict access for the majority. NCSH member Planned Parenthood is quoted.

Other News This Week

The World Health Organization Will Stop Classifying Transgender People as Having a ‘Mental Disorder’ – TIME
The WHO has reclassified being transgender from ‘gender identity disorder’ to ‘gender incongruence,’ and moved it from their section on mental disorders in the International Classification of Diseases to a chapter on sexual health, a key step to removing barriers to transitioning in many countries.

Survivors of Sexual Abuse by Nuns Want Greater Visibility for Their Claims – NPR
With recent attention on sexual abuse allegations across the U.S. and against Catholic clergymen in particular, victims are coming forward to raise awareness about sexual abuse by nuns.

Abortion Limits Carry Economic Cost for Women – NPR
Three out of four women who seek an abortion in the U.S. are already low-income and, according to a recent study, women who are denied an abortion and carry the pregnancy to term are more likely to be poor for years after, compared to women who receive the abortion.

Empty Nesters Are Having ‘More Adventurous’ Sex. And The 50-Plus Crowd Credits Aging. – USA Today
A recent survey of empty nesters found that, on average, respondents plan to have sex until they are 79, 56% never use protection when having sex, and 62% have never been tested for an STD.

Donald Trump Campaigned as a President for LGBTQ Americans. But He Keeps Rolling Back Protections for Them – TIME
Trump vowed to protect LBGTQ Americans, but changes to laws and legislation regarding transgender use of public restrooms, the transgender military ban, and recent debate on civil rights protections for sexual orientation and gender identity say otherwise.

What Is The Abortion Pill, The Next Issue in The War on Roe v. Wade? – Mic
Recent debate on state abortion laws has brought Roe v. Wade under scrutiny. As access to clinics declines, experts discuss the more accessible abortion pill.

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