Sexual Health in the News May 22 - May 28

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Using Telehealth for Birth Control During the Pandemic Might Make It More Accessible Post-COVID – Bustle
Pre-pandemic, telehealth regulations created barriers to online birth control. With the CARES Act, regulations have loosened up and things could improve long term. Jessica Horwitz, of NURX, an NCSH member, is quoted. 

Other News This Week

K-12 Schools Keep Mishandling Sexual Assault Complaints. Will New Title IX Regulations Help? – NBC News
Federal investigations uncovered schools that failed to meet the most basic legal requirements—like having someone in charge of Title IX.

Nearly Half of Americans Incorrectly Think Herpes Is Deadly, and One-Third Think It Is Not Contagious, A New Survey Found – INSIDER
A new survey of 1,000 Americans found that 41.5% incorrectly believe herpes is deadly, and 1 in 10 people wouldn’t tell their sexual partner if they had it. The results suggest STI stigma is still widespread.  

LGBTQ-Inclusive Entertainment Promotes Acceptance and Helps Brands, Study Finds – NBC News
Movies, television shows and ads can help change attitudes about and erase prejudices toward LGBTQ people, a recent study found. And, it makes the case for more advertising that includes LGBTQ consumers.

LGBTQ People Need Queer Spaces. The Coronavirus Has Locked Them Out. – Vox
Having a space where LGBTQ people can simply exist in their own skin can be very beneficial. But since nonessential public spaces started shutting down in mid-March, affirming LGBTQ spaces have been lost.

Medical Groups Ask FDA to Ease Access to Abortion Pill During the Pandemic – NPR
Reproductive rights advocates are suing the Trump administration, asking a federal court to suspend restrictions on the abortion drug mifepristone during the coronavirus pandemic.

A Sex Drought Doesn’t Necessarily Mean Fewer STIs – Elemental
Casual sex is much more difficult when most people are staying home. But so are other important STI mitigation strategies.

FDA Approves First Non-Hormonal Contraceptive Gel – Forbes
The FDA approved the first non-hormonal prescription birth control gel that works by maintaining vaginal pH within the normal range which is acidic and inhospitable to sperm.

Can the World’s Oldest Profession Survive the Age of Social Distancing? – CNN
Though social distancing advice would be to stop all so-called “full service” sex work altogether, many sex workers are being forced to weigh what’s safe against what will put food on the table.

Why Asian Americans Need Better Sex Ed – Rewire.News
Sex ed is often not culturally competent for people of color, as it is tailored for white culture. That needs to change.

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