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5 Surprising Health Side Effects of Always Wearing Thongs – Romper
There are some surprising health side effects of always wearing thongs that you definitely need to know more about if this is your underwear of choice. NCSH Spokeswoman Dr. Hilda Hutcherson is quoted.

How PrEP, the Pill to Prevent HIV, May be Fueling a Rise in Other STDs – Vox
A recent systematic review found that some PrEP users are having more risky sex — and as a result, getting more sexually transmitted infections.

Yes, President Trump, There Is a Difference Between HIV and HPV. Here's a Handy Tipsheet – Chicago Tribune
For President Trump, and anyone else out there who may be confused, here’s a primer on the difference between HIV and HPV.

Under Trump, Family Planning Funds Could Go To Groups That Oppose Contraception – NPR
Under rules outlined in a newly unveiled proposal, crisis pregnancy centers and other organizations that do not provide standard contraceptive options could find it easier to apply for Title X funds.

Thousands of Women Say Essure Birth Control Caused Intense Pain – CBS News
Tens of thousands of women say they suffered painful and serious side-effects from Essure. The device is the subject of nearly 27,000 complaints to the FDA since its approval in 2002.

Listen to ‘Dear Sugars’: Sex & Aging — With Dr. Pepper Schwartz – New York Times
The erotic lives of senior citizens are typically made invisible by our culture. Dr. Pepper Schwartz, the love and relationship columnist for AARP, joins the Sugars to dispel certain myths about sex and aging.

HIV, HPV, and 3 Other Sexual Health Facts the Trump Administration Has Gotten Wrong – Men’s Health
Here are three more alarming things members of the Trump administration apparently don't know about sexual health.

Motherlode's Pillow Talk Brings Sex Education to Virtual Reality – Teen Vogue
While there are resources online that can help young people learn what they need to know about sex, sometimes you need a little hands-on experience to guide your way. Pillow Talk is a three-chapter virtual reality experience that explores sexuality and gender, consent and communication, and sex-positivity through toys and self-pleasure.

What It Means If You Have Sex Outside the Bedroom – Your Tango
According to a new survey some of the best places to have sex are outside of the bedroom — and those who get it on elsewhere are in the happiest relationships.

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