Sexual Health in the News May 17 - May 23

NCSH in the News

What Little Kids Need to Know About Sex – CNN
As the sex education curriculum expands to include relationships, sexual identity, biology, gender, boundaries, and pleasure, more experts believe preschool and early-elementary age kids should  learn about these topics too. NCSH member, Jennifer Driver, of SIECUS is quoted.

Why Some People Get Panic Attacks When They Masturbate – Allure
Experts discuss potential causes of anxiety during masturbation, including past sexual abuse or a history of sexual shame. NCSH member Dr. Logan Levkoff is quoted.

Amid #MeToo, States Debate Teaching Consent to Kids – The Washington Post
States are increasingly fighting to include information about abusive relationships and consent into sex ed curriculum, but only 10 states and the District of Columbia currently require consent to be included. NCSH member, Jennifer Driver, of SIECUS is quoted.

YouTube Sex Ed Videos Make “The Talk” More Accessible, But Here’s What Experts Want You to Know – Bustle
Sex education videos on YouTube make “The Talk” more accessible for young people from socially conservative households, but experts warn that the information may not address the age-appropriate needs of each viewer. Features NCSH member, Answer, with quotes from Lucinda Holt.

Other News This Week

Teen Mothers Using IUDs Less Likely to Also Use Condoms – NBC News
According to a recent study, teen mothers with an intrauterine device (IUD) are half as likely to use condoms as peers not using long-acting birth control.

Homeless Shelters Could Deny Transgender People Under Proposed Trump Administration Rule – USA Today
A proposed rule change for the Department of Housing and Urban Development could allow homeless shelter operators to deny services to transgender people, rolling back Obama-era protections.

Blurred Lines: A Pregnant Man’s Tragedy Tests Gender Notions – NBC News
A transgender man delivered a stillborn baby, drawing attention to larger issues about assigning labels and making assumptions in health care.

Teenage Girls and Dating Violence: Why We Should Be Paying Attention – The New York Times
According to researchers, 90% of young people killed by intimate partners were girls.  Breakups or jealousy precipitated more than a quarter of the homicides highlighting the issue of teenage dating violence.

How to Have the STI/STD Talk Without Making It Weird – Tinder Swipe Life
Experts discuss tips for discussing STIs with a partner, including planning ahead, avoiding euphemisms like “clean”, and asking to see test results. The NCSH’s Five Action Steps to Good Sexual Health are  mentioned.

Roe v Wade’s Foundation Might Be Shaky But That Doesn’t Mean It Will Fall – NBC News
If recent abortion legislation makes it to the Supreme Court, Roe v. Wade could be at risk. This article examines the current arguments to overturn or keep it.

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