Sexual Health in the News May 13 - May 19

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Colleges Must Fill the Sex Ed Gap Left by High Schools Ms. Magazine 
With lackluster high school sex ed, many college students are showing up without the knowledge they need to lead safe and healthy sex lives. The author, Kelley Dennings, from the Center for Biological Diversity, an NCSH member, calls on colleges to implement comprehensive sex ed.  

Why Are Sexually Transmitted Infections Surging New York Magazine 
STI cases continue to increase during COVID, according to the latest CDC data. NCSH member, David Harvey of NCSD, explains some of the reasons why. Coalition member BHOC’s Take Me Home STI testing program is also featured.  

Other News This Week

Federal judge strikes down Tennessee's transgender bathroom sign law  – NBC News
A federal judge struck down a Tennessee law Tuesday that would have required businesses to post warning notices on their public restrooms if they have policies allowing transgender patrons to use the facilities that match their gender identities. 

HPV 'Herd Immunity' Now Helping Vaccinated, Unvaccinated WomenU.S. News
A CDC study found that by 2018, the vaccine had cut the prevalence of cancer-causing HPV strains by 90% among vaccinated females between 14 and 24 years of age.  

How U.S. abortion laws went from nonexistent to acrimonious National Geographic
Most scholars say that at the nation's founding ending a pregnancy wasn’t illegal—or even controversial. Here’s a look at the complex early history of abortion in the United States.  

How New York Is Preparing for an Influx of Out-of-State Abortion PatientsNew York Times
In a post-Roe America, pregnant women in many states will scrape together money, book hotels, arrange childcare and board buses, trains and planes bound for places that provide safe abortions.  

5 Common Questions About the COVID-19 Vaccine and Birth ControlHealthline
To date, there are no adverse links between COVID-19 vaccines and hormonal birth control use. Some media outlets and online spaces have talked about the vaccine and reproductive health, but research does not support these claims. 

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