Sexual Health in the News May 12 – May 18

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CDC warns about potential risk of US mpox resurgence this summerCNN  
The CDC is raising the alarm about the potential risk for new cases of mpox to emerge this summer. David Harvey, executive director of NCSD is quoted.  

Other News This Week

South Carolina House passes six-week abortion ban after hours of contentious debate – CNN 
South Carolina House members approved a controversial bill late Wednesday that would ban most abortions as early as six weeks into pregnancy. The bill is headed to the Republican-led Senate.  

LGBTQ students face barriers to getting student loans without parents' participation- Teen Vogue 
The federal government considers parents’ income in all financial aid offers, even if parents aren’t contributing to their child’s education or has kicked their kid out. LGBTQ+ students are more likely to be affected. 

Yes, bulimia can affect men's sexual health- Giddy
Eating disorders can affect sexual function. In men, eating disorders can lead to low testosterone levels and a reduced sex drive.  

Robots on the silver screen are sentient, sexy, and scary as hell - Giddy 
What is the attraction of audiences to sexualized machines? Technology often provokes both fear and admiration, and man-made robots are no exception. 

Beyond the 'abortion pill': Real-life experiences of individuals taking mifepristone - NPR
Since it was first approved for use in 2000, mifepristone has been used by millions of women to provide abortions and manage miscarriages. More than 150 people shared their experiences with NPR. 

This Pill Is Being Touted as the Morning-After Pill For STIs — Here's What to Know- PopSugar
DoxyPEP, an antibiotic known as doxycycline, is being touted as the potential "morning-after pill" for STIs. Once approved by FDA and recommended by the CDC, experts believe it could change the sexual health game for many. 

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