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California STDs Raging At All Time Highs for Third Year in a Row – NPR
California has seen a record rise in cases of sexually transmitted diseases and a spike in the number of stillbirths caused by syphilis. It marks the third year in a row that the state has seen a rise in STDs.

How Training Doctors in Implicit Bias Could Save the Lives of Black Mothers – NBC News
Black women are three to four times more likely than white women to die of pregnancy-related causes. Doctors are taking a new approach to the crisis.

How the #MeToo and Time's Up Movements Are Changing the TV Landscape – Los Angeles Times
TV has long been understood to both reflect and shape real-life perceptions and narratives – so just how will the actual stories being written change in the wake of #MeToo and Time's Up?

Wherever You Are in the World, Time Is Running Out for Treating Gonorrhea – CNN
Antibiotic resistance is one of the biggest threats to global health, food security and development. Common infections, such as pneumonia, tuberculosis and gonorrhea, are becoming increasingly difficult to treat.

Think Tank: States Aren't Teaching Consent in Sex Ed US News & World Report
The Center for American Progress released an analysis of "the current state of sex education standards" across the US, focusing on discussions of consent and healthy relationships. Analysts found that not all states address those topics in their sex education standards.

Unbound's Ads Were Rejected for Being Too Sexual for the New York City Subway – Bustle
If you’ve ridden the NYC subway recently, you’ve probably seen ads for Roman, a new app that helps men buy erectile dysfunction medicine, or an ad for breast augmentation surgery. But you haven’t seen a series of ads by the women’s sexual health company Unbound, which were rejected by the MTA.

9 Questions to Ask Each Other to Improve Your Sex Life – Bustle
If you and your partner are able to communicate about sex, it will help to improve both of your sexual experiences. Here are nine sexy questions to ask your partner. 

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