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Which Birth Control Is Safest for High Blood Pressure? – Romper
Having high blood pressure can even affect your sex life. Experts discuss which birth control is safest, and the many different options available. NCSH arranged the interview with Dr. Cara Delaney.

Other News This Week

Federal Rules Give More Protection to Students Accused of Sexual Assault – NPR
Significant new regulations include mandating live hearings by adjudicators who are neither the Title IX coordinator nor the investigator, and real-time cross examination of each student by the other student's lawyer or representative. These changes are drawing swift and mixed reactions.

Coronavirus Pandemic Strains LGBTQ Health Clinics – NBC News
There are over 200 health centers in the U.S. that specialize in LGBTQ care. Some of the largest are reporting steep revenue declines and furloughs.

Sexual Assault Reports in the Military Rise 3%, Defying Pentagon Efforts to Eliminate the Crime – USA Today
A Pentagon leader is "cautiously optimistic" that the 3% increase means sexual assault programs are paying off, as more people may be reporting the crime. Yet, sexual assault continues to be a serious and persistent problem.

For Many Young Trans People, YouTube Is a Mentor – VICE
As a trans minor, finding accurate information about the practicalities of living as a trans person can be difficult and overwhelming. YouTube has changed that by offering relatable stories and role models.

Is Sex Safe If You’re an Essential Worker During the Coronavirus Outbreak? – Elite Daily
Experts say any person-to-person contact with someone with potential COVID-19 exposure should be considered “risky activity,” including sexual activity. But ultimately, it’s up to you and your partner to decide what’s right for you.

Teens Face Extra Barriers to Abortion. This New Site Can Help. – Rewire.News
A new site provides information to teenagers about how they can secure permission from a judge to have an abortion in their state, without involving a parent or guardian.

The Coronavirus Can Be Found in Semen, Raising Questions of Whether It Can Be Sexually Transmitted, New Research Says – Business Insider
A new study from Chinese found coronavirus particles in the semen of 16% of the male patients studied. The researchers aren’t sure yet whether the virus can be spread through sexual contact.

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